gamble house design

Dining-room server. Intersecting angles, textures, and materials lead the eye, and visitors, toward the custom entry door. “The Gamble House lit our fire,” says Brian, who grew up in a 1920 Dallas Arts & Crafts house. “The team members were all educating themselves as they went along,” Brian explains, “talking about the ‘language’ of the place, attending an in-depth Gamble House tour for carpenters, and so on. The Gamble House in Pasadena, California, is the only fully intact Greene & Greene masterpiece. The complexity was not present for its own sake, however, but rather was a by-product of beauty and usefulness. It was admittedly a romantic backward glance to pre-industrial times and what was perceived to be a simpler life. Nuance flourished in the name of beauty. “They sent samples,” Carol says, “but Brian spoke to them on the phone a lot, and the two companies needed to talk directly to each other to be sure the field and deco tiles would work together.” Handcrafted hoods for the fireplace and kitchen range show another collaboration of fine artisans. It was an intense time for the Greenes who received roughly 150 commissions for residential dwellings and their furnishings. Living-room bookshelves view from below, with waterfall detail; 3. By Paul Kiler 2004 See more ideas about House, House interior, House design. Bear Creek’s Eric Lichtenthaler made several mockups of the wood structure from which a trio of mica-shade pendant lamps hangs over the kitchen island. Photo: Hoi Ning Wong © 2014 HouzzInspiration for a traditional landscaping in San Francisco.Yellow green shrubs. - cindyleah715, Dining Room closeup, light fixture above, Craftsman Style masterpiece from Greene and Greene. Its style shows influence from traditional Japanese aesthetics and a certain California spaciousness born of available land and a permissive climate. At first glance, the 1909 Thorsen server (next page), appears relatively uncomplicated. The Gamble House in Pasadena, California, is an outstanding example of American Arts and Crafts style architecture. In the end, the brothers’ business declined due to the very thing that made them exceptional. David and his wife Mary commissioned the architect brothers Charles and Henry Greene to design and build their California home, which was intended to be their winter residence. As an architect, he devoted his creative energy almost exclusively to the designs of houses and furniture. Bij de verbouwing van hun 84 jaar oude woning volgen Rob en Irene niet de trends van de moderne tijd, maar luisteren ze naar hun gevoel. Donna Pizzi is a writer and producer for film and print, and co-owner of Blackstone Edge Studios with her husband, photographer Philip Clayton–Thompson. Charles Greene did not shy away wielding tools, and in later years practiced his carving skills professionally, as shown at left. Construction work began in July 2011, with the gutting of the small house and expansion of its footprint in all four directions, plus up a storey to create the airplane bungalow configuration. by Darrell Peart & Ted Bosley for American Period Furniture Magazine Courtesy The Gamble House, USC. “It turned out better for us to take part in the construction than to write a large builder a check. A note of interest: On this server, decorative ebony plugs cover screws that run in slots, securing the breadboard to the solid wood. The Gamble House was designed in 1908 by architects Greene & Greene. Ashbee Papers, January 1909, Modern Archives, Kings College (Cambridge, UK). This signature feature on the front of the house brings modern structural concepts and traditional materials together into an up to date Craftsman design. And it didn’t destroy our marriage,” Brian chuckles. The joint between the breadboard end and the panel sits atop the lower structure. Greene & Greene furniture marks an inspiring moment in the history of American design and craftsmanship. Bosley, Edward R. Greene & Greene (London, UK: Phaidon Press, 2000). In a few short years, Henry Ford would take mechanization to an entirely new level. David and Mary Gamble with their three sons, left to right: Cecil, Sidney, and Clarence. “In addition to the buzzing kitchen fixture,” says Brian, who is the Mayor of Dallas, the County Seat of Polk County (home to his family since 1851), “the refrigerator was also going south on us.” With the kitchen countertops cracked, the vinyl flooring curling up, and electrical and cabinet work necessary to accommodate new appliances, Carol and he knew a total kitchen remodel was in order. By Paul Kiler 2004 It was commissioned by David and Mary Gamble, of Cincinnati, Ohio, as a winter residence. Courtesy California Sigma Phi Society. The detail in Greene & Greene furniture and architectural designs can seem overwhelming.

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