fennel yield per hectare

The area under fennel production in India is estimated at 90,000 hectares, yielding 149,000tonnes in 2017-18 (NHB, 2017). In Las Cruces (LC), at higher latitude, low temperatures present beginning in April coincided with the reproductive stage, affecting yield which was no more than 129 kg ha-1; thus this zone is not recommendable for chia cultivation. This cost element was 1010.9 TL per hectare. Tag: Fennel Yield Per Hectare. h��YYo7�+�bu��l+>�$.l�.������Ȓ!m���w��V�.�I�Ơ���pH~��pc)��2¨%�f�%g�XI���*"�$Vše�V�XK��:b�!-8�Њ�ā.4q�0zN�~�"L1hkxj�38'��9�q�ʔBa�.Q��/D��$Bj��4���+P�἖%W¨#R�g�Q"5�)#� Plant protection Fennel plant gets affect-ed by various diseases and pests at different stages of its growth: 1. In the past the OP varieties were showing an average production of only 35 tons of rough bulb per hectare. Resistant to leaf spot and sugary disease. 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Field Transplanting Dates. 0 Varieties CO 1, UF 32, PF 35 and Gujarat Fennel 1. Transplanting is not recommended for commercial production. On an average, fennel yields about 10 to 11 quintal seed/ha. The spacing of Fenugreek Plants: ... An average yield of 10 to 11 quintals/hectare can be expected. Seeds and berries from the various plants listed. Home Tags Fennel Yield Per Hectare. CO 1: Medium tall variety, ready to harvest in 220 days. Damping of seed-lings. 79 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<75E3CE136F9281408725CE3A5B21D909><56DC68FAAEA6CB468A2918391BBCD697>]/Index[54 68]/Info 53 0 R/Length 114/Prev 668023/Root 55 0 R/Size 122/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream In 2016-17 India produced about 153,000tonnes of fennel. Damping-off is a fun-gal disease that occurs in the nursery. Based on the available information, India is believed to be the world’s largest fennel producing country.

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