feeling ill after eating duck eggs

While my symptoms are not as severe as yours I had come to realize that eating eggs was always a gamble and I needed to be very careful about when I eat them. No food is worth that pain! I know this is old, but I could have written this myself!! Maybe a change in chemical makeup?? ( no pesticides, hormones, mass production.,) Well next time I ate eggs same thing. It wasn’t until around October when I ate a basic piece of wheat toast with an egg over easy, that it finally clicked. But I quit after four days because there was no change. I still had a hard time figuring it out – I had eggs almost everyday, but they were fully cooked and I’d never had problems with them before. This weekend my uncle mentioned something about this not being an issue with farm fresh eggs, and that her daughter (genetics!) I have sensitivities to sulfa drugs and other sulfur containing foods. I looked a few years ago but gave up. I also found the same thing with European eggs – I was eating soft boiled eggs in Denmark completely fine. I don’t have any other food sensitivities and my only allergy is mild hay fever. I found it very revealing, as I have become intolerant to eggs I buy at the store. I wish I knew what it was that made me sick but reading through some of the information here make me want to experiment. So glad it isnt just me haha this article helped a lot thanks. I used to eat eggs daily. A couple of weeks ago my mom invited me to have dinner with her. However, there are natural ways to treat nausea after eating: Other natural remedies for nausea after eating include apple cider vinegar, lemon, zinc, and vitamin B6. I’ve noticed it especially with scrambled eggs. I have avoided eggs for a long time because they made me vomit. Amy, I have a hunch that older people developed this egg intolerance about 5 years after having the flue vaccine each year. Luckily for me I have only one symptom – diarrhea. I don’t experience any other symptoms, (bloating, cramps, skin reactions, stomach pains, etc..) just this sour feeling in my mouth and running to the bathroom I go. Intolerance seems like a good name for it. Oh my gosh, I’m almost in tears reading all of this! I can eat mayo, cookies, cakes, pastas, etc with no issues. I stopped the eggs and my symptoms disappeared. I have an Atlas pasta maker that I’ve had for more than 20 years that works great. Would be a nice addendum to the article. I will have to try and find out what each farm feeds the chickens. Good to know it’s not just me. Hello, scrambled eggs this morning and feeling pukey, forgot they make me nauseous. not a problem with the other cage free. If I eat scrambled or hard boiled I’m fine. I know I’ve seen them in cartons in giant grocery stores but I can’t remember where or when (it was before I had this issue so I wasn’t really paying attention). I also have to be very careful with FODMAPs. All food allergies trigger an immune system response due to an immunoglobulin E (IgE) mediated reaction. Never was bothered before with regular eggs. Thanks so much. I didn’t realize that the way it’s cooked might matter until recently when my mom pointed out that I’m good with her “Dutch Baby” pancakes (thin, fried) and fried eggs, but scrambled or poached can be a problem. though the scale would show a lower number if I couldn’t eat those things! Try white eggs. I lived on eggs growing up but until now I have a 50% chance I will get sick within 4 hours. So weird and i cant find an explanation why! Not even the slightest upset to my digestive system in any way. Now I’m noticing that anything with a decent amount of eggs I can not handle including pastas baked with ricotta and French toast two of my favorite things. If you suspect that you have an intolerance to eggs, I suggest you do on purpose what I did accidentally: stop eating them and see how you feel. I can eat really, really, really cooked eggs (hard boiled, very fried, very-very scrambled) or baked goods with no problem. This article is amazing though thanks so much for sharing and sorry you had to go through so much painstaking research. Oh wow, I never even thought about the chickens’ diets. VideoWhat my ME could teach long Covid sufferers, How an imaginary gran got millions of Spotify streams, The exile sacrificing everything for her country. One of the reasons I love visiting my mom is that my favorite fast food restaurant, Mighty Taco, is on her corner. Plenty of things I can live without during my lifetime, and an EGG is one of them. I have suffered with this egg intolerance for a while now Thanks for replying. I suddenly could no longer eat eggs about 3 years ago after a 3-6 egg white a day life. I’ve experimented too. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Unfortunately for me it is like roulette on whether I get sick or not.

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