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add up kwh paid at their grubby rate to me and what I pay when i buy it back and let the world know how we are being ripped off. ), Questions or feedback? Step 4: Enter your email address and password, and click LOG IN to continue to dashboard. In Internet Explorer from the FILE menu click "PAGE SETUP" Select PAPER SIZE as "A4" Delete the values under HEADER and FOOTER Select ORIENTATION as "Portra (LIST: What Bills Can I Pay with Coins.ph? I am going to utilize such information now. How can I check my electricity bill history? Here’s how to check your electric bill online for VECO, DLPC, and CLPC: Step 1: Download MobileAp on Android or IOS. By clicking it, you can download the e-bill. Flat rate means that you are charged a single amount per kilowatt hour for the electricity that you use. I’m calling it an Energy Resolution, and it’s really just about wrapping your head around what you’re doing with electricity in your house. OPTIONAL Step 5: Check your Tariff Settings. Apply for New Connection & check application Status from your doorstep Click to Apply. This app is free for both Android and IOS. You can look in the Yellow Pages or check online by searching for the name of the city and "utilities." I exported 104.37 kilowatt hours of solar energy to the grid that I did not use in my home, and was paid a flat rate of 13c per kilowatt hour (my Feed in Tariff). In a SunStar news report, Visayan Electric spokesperson Quennie Bronc urges the consumers to inquire about their latest bill on the VECO Official Facebook page: “If the consumers want to know how much their bill is or if they want to see a soft copy of their bills, they can send a private message to the Visayan Electric official Facebook page and just have their account IDs ready,”. Step 5: In your dashboard, click on View Bills. Take note though that customers have reported that the Android app only runs for Android 8.1 and higher so it may not work for older models. It’s great for me to be able to see exactly how much I am 'paying off' my solar system and keeps me incentivised to look for ways to reduce my energy usage and 'pay off' my system even faster. I found a huge average discrepancy of 380 Wh in my favour but with a standard deviation of nearly 1 kWh. contact us. Terms of Sale Save Money and Energy Learn how to lower your electric energy bill Electric Utility Consumer Notices. Time of Use means that you are charged a different amount per kilowatt hour for the electricity that you use, depending on the time of the day. Printing Instructions. Step 2: Fill in the form with the following details: Step 3: Tick the boxes to select the billing dates of your SOA, Step 5: Wait for a reply from bills.paleco@gmail.com, You can follow up your billing request through call or text to 09209718733, Skip the long lines and pay your electric bills with Coins.ph from the safety of home. 2020, Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy    |    Terms of Sale    |    Hardware Warranty Select the months you want to have the history details of your bill; Press the enter button; There you will view a simple form. For billing and account questions, please call 206.684.3000 Or submit an inquiry online. Now let’s check what Solar Analytics data tells us for the same period: Head to the Consumption page on your Dashboard and in the second graph showing Week, Month, and Year data, choose the same billing period as your bill. Email us at help@coins.ph or tap Send us a message in your app. Add 14 digits of your reference number without using space in the reference field. I located one effective example of this fact through this blog site. You can pay your electricity bill using Vidyut Sahayogi Mobile App. All payment centers temporarily closed to public. The Customer Tariff page is found under Settings on the left hand side of your Dashboard: You can choose from Flat Rate or Time Of Use tariff type. Related: How to Compute your Meralco bill. An icon ‘pdf’ is in the bottom left corner. The content of this field is kept Doesn't make sense, and as to the financial hit (or bonus) that depends on the actual 15 minute data which is not supplied by Solar Analytics. Please see our Powerlines Blog for additional information on your payment options during this time. Head to the Savings page on your Dashboard and in the second graph showing Daily, Monthly, and Year data, choose the same billing period as your bill. In my example, this is 3rd December to 1st January (inclusive). Read on to find out how you can use your Solar Analytics Dashboard to check your bill. Solar Analytics data is revenue-grade quality metering, and recognised by all regulatory bodies. Step 3: Verify your account via email. Very frustrating for a mid eigthties person. Avail service at Your Doorstep. Head to the Monthly Report page (under reports on the left hand side of your Solar Analytics Dashboard), and you can download your raw data as a CSV file using the button on the top left hand corner.    |    I rang the number provided for information but no one answers the phone. Fret no longer over whether your electricity retailer is getting correct readings for your system. Checking your electricity bill, to make sure you are being charged correctly. I can now compare these to the information on my bill from above: As you can see, the comparable values of electricity used from grid, solar exported to grid and total amount spent on electricity are very close (catering to a small error %). The Usage Charge (here called “Peak Usage” even though I am on a flat tariff and have no peak or off-peak) is the amount of electricity that you purchased from the grid to use.

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