best beethoven string quartets

Or, put more grandly still, the greatest achievement in any medium of the greatest artist who ever lived. Late, very late in their collective career, the Borodin Quartet took Beethoven to the recording studios for Chandos. Not all of these quartets have yet handed in a recorded Beethoven cycle, of course (the Jupiter String Quartet, Quatuor Ébène, the Jerusalem, Pacifica, Heath ("Heaves & Pomerray"), Acies, Afiara, Verus Quartets, the EnAccord String Quartet, the Quartet Berlin-Tokyo etc. Or, well, some time this week. The Quartet is active commissioning quartets from composers which incl. But the Kodaly Quartet, on Naxos, plays with red-blooded verve: one sip, and you can feel the colour returning to your cheeks. (Op.130 is taken by the Janáček String Quartet.) 1, E major piano sonata for string quartet. From the Bay Area comes the quartet of well-repuded budget-priced set (when it was in print, at least). — that the key to successfully telling the story is to engage the audience by communicating with them through my musical styles and through my passion. 7-11) are nick-named the Razumovsky quartets, as Count Razumovsky commissioned them. 130), with its original "Grosse Fuge" final movement eventually published separately as Op. This is then their first cycle, it hasn't been consistently in print, but (strangely?) This was nothing particularly new. See the article in its original context from. Don’t miss the finale of Op.50 No.6 where Haydn creates a melody with a single note as the player rocks crazily between two strings. You can’t really go wrong, but the Medici Quartet gets my vote for sheer high spirits and charm. I would have never found out about it, if not for research for this discography. - the first such on the market.">This. They were sold to the Nippon Foundation, which specializes in collecting and loaning Stradivarius instruments, who then handed them to the Tokyo String Quartet. Bernard Holland, The second cycle of the Guarneri Quartet - for Philips. Not yet completed but among the next to be concluded... perhaps alongside the cycle of the Arianna String Quartet. Mono. There simply had not been as precisely played a Beethoven cycle before that. #morninglistening to #SebastianoMeloni’s Moods &... #morninglistening to @SWRClassic’s #Bruckner... #morninglistening to underrated #BorisBlacher on... #morninglistening to #Spohr, the most innovative s... #morninglistening to #Bach cantata of the day... #morninglistening to #Bach, prompted by @BachChor’... #morninglistening to #Messiaen on @NaxosRecords... Forbes Classical CD Of The Week: Birthday-Boy Bach... #morninglistening to #Bach on @challengerec... #morninglistening to #Bach’s #CelloSuites on... #morninglistening to #Beethoven w/#WilhelmKempff o... #morninglistening to #Bach on @BR_Klassik... #morninglistening to #Ullmann on @capricciorec... #morninglistening to #Messiaen on/w/@SWRClassic... #morninglistening to @tonkuenstler in #Bruckner... #morninglistening to #DSCH on @NaxosRecords w/@Vas... #morninglistening to #Schubert on @CapriccioRec w/... Dip Your Ears, No. His valet recorded that the bedroom door blew open and every window in the house rattled. Their approach is crisp, light, witty and pointed. Or, put more grandly still, … We have already seen how a shift in the Zeitgeist led to the current critical worship of this music, after decades of neglect. The cycle had the Quintets added in 2011 and was finally put into a box last year. Another quartet (along w/the Artemis above) that studied with the Alban Berg Quartet - and they have since (along with the Artemis Quartet) taken on what used to be the ABQ's string quartet subsription cycle at Vienna's Konzerthaus. In passing, Tully Potter notes "very dry playing", but - going easy on differentiation or nuance - suggests this is equally true of both their sets. 12-16. 34. 20 of the best Beethoven recordings of all time. I am not very fond of what the Alcans/Saguenays do in op.127, but opp.132 and 135 are very fine. Schoenberg, 124 years later, would call this Klangfarbenmelodie; Haydn just smiles. The wonderful Quatuor Végh recorded this, their first, set in 1952 for the Haydn Society. I'm willing to share Google Docs links for my transfers of the first cycle, along with pretty much all of the RCA LPs that they did, which were also never apparently re-released on CD. 9, Bamberger Symphoniker, H. Blomstedt, Tchaikovsky, Sacred Music, G. Dziļums, Latvian Radio Choir, S. Kļava, H. Purcell / M. Locke, Orchestral Works, Vox Orchester, L. Ghirlanda, Handel et al., Concertos / Sonatas, M. Steger, La Cetra Barockorchester Basel, M. Nyman / H. Purcell, Songs, I. Davies, Fretwork, H. Schütz, Easter Works, La Petite Bande, S. Kuijken, J. S. Bach, Solo Cello Suites, A. Gerhardt, Monteverdi, Madrigals, Book 9, Delitiæ Musicæ, M. Longhini, A. Copland, Ballet Scores, Vol. #morninglistening to #Mozart et al. Take a listen to the beginning of nos. This is the first of the Guarneri's two LvB String Quartet cycles and the one that has gotten more play on CD. The GDR cycle, recorded for VEB Schallplatten/Eterna, re-issued on CD by Edel and re-re-issued on Brilliant. Picking the "best" recording of any body of music as often recorded as this is impossible. For all that variety, the set is quite enjoyable and doesn't sound overly patchwork.Thanks /Mark, Hello Jens,Happy 2020! Beethoven's five late string quartets are often considered to be the greatest music of the greatest composer who ever lived. Thanks for the kind words. I must say for be the Berg remains the best. Hampered for years by being stuck in one of NCA's stupid "book" boxes, that fit no proper CD shelf (their attempt of breaking into the book market, which never worked out)... but has since been re-packaged into something appropriately sized. That breathed a bit of new life into the last years of the quartet and they recorded the Beethoven string quartets one more time, for Harmonia Mundi, on SACDs... and this time with Martin Beaver on first violin, having replaced Mikhail Kopelman in 2006. 132 -- have been available here in a variety of formats. This Viennese ensemble has made some first-rate records, and coached with the LaSalle Quartet, which itself has a fine set of the Beethoven late quartets on DG. Of these 17 LPs, the single disk by the Berg Quartet is the least successful, quite apart from its partial nature thus far as a survey of the late quartets as a whole. This is an excellent survey. These late quartets, which occupied Beethoven in the final two and one half years of his life, have attracted the attention of music's greatest analysts, from Sir Donald Tovey to Joseph Kerman and Charles Rosen in our own time. See also: The Lindsays (now so re-named) decided that they needed to re-do their cycle for ASV again. Mono/Stereo. He added a new depth, variation, and complexity. They also play Lachenmann and early Haydn, apparently. Had the record market continued to function in the oughts even remotely as well as it had in the decades before, the Hagen Quartett should by all rights have completed their Beethoven Cycle on DG. The late quartets have also been re-issued on single discs in Japan, but I haven't found the missing opp.18/1 & Razumovskys on CD anywhere. It hasn't been boxed, as far as I know. The box set is OOP, but the individual releases [see extra link below] are still in print. The only cycle available on DVD-Audio (but also on CD) from the audiophile Tacet label. 110-111 / Bagatelles, Y. Sudbin, B. Zimmermann, Violin Concerto, L. Josefowicz, Finnish RSO, H. Lintu, Mahler, Symphony No. I wanted to alert you of one additional (and quite rare) existing complete set, along with three others that are nearing completion. Thanks for this wonderful survey--I didn't see the first Cleveland Quartet Cycle, which to my knowledge only appeared on RCA LP sets in the late 70s/early 80s. In 1989 the Alban Berg Quartett had the Beethoven cycle they performed at the Vienna Konzerthaus' Mozart Hall recorded and issued it on DVD and CD, figuring that the live atmosphere added a touch of spontaneity to their earlier recordings which, if there were criticized at all, were accused of an all-too-clinical execution. I have long coveted (but never actually acquired) it, not the least because, The Petersen Quartet never managed to complete a whole Beethoven cycle before they disbanded. You can find a link to it on Amazon, although the MP3 version they link to is incorrect (it links to the earlier Hungarian set). Aug-21-2017, 20:49 #2. chill782002 There are only four voices in a string quartet. String Quartet No. Their Haydn is elegant and effervescent, the temperamental opposite of the Barcelona-based Cuarteto Casals, whose Op.33 quartets (1781) combine needlepoint brilliance with a flashing, theatrical sense of fantasy — exactly as they should, because Op.33 is where Haydn achieves escape velocity. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. 2 Samuel Barber String Quartet 1936 Play. Beethoven’s string quartets and the Takacs Quartet have taught me — a brass player! Needless to say, the quartet is. Mono. Ann Arbor audiences can expect to experience this artist-to-audience connection during the Takacs Quartet’s performances of the Beethoven String Quartet cycle with UMS for the 2016-2017 season. In addition, there is a single disk of Op.

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