weevil identification chart

If you find one of these little guys, by all means prod it into unleashing its cannon -- it's a singular example of evolution's power of innovation. The insect's real eyes are sharp, but they are very small and hidden. For this you can thank the humans responsible for the careless importation of this little beetle. If you need expert professional advice, contact your local extension office. Contributors own the copyright to and are solely responsible for contributed content.Click the contributor's name for licensing and usage information. They have long legs, big eyes, and sharp pincers, and they are jumpy and nervous -- tiger beetles will fly if you get too close and land about 5 feet away, repeating the action if you move towards them. Annotated checklist of the weevils (Curculionidae sensu lato) of North America, Central America, and the West Indies... Schott C. Les coléoptères Curculionoidea d'Alsace. Weevils might be present in the flour at the time you bought them. Of course this helps confuse predators. They can be either 3mm long or as big as 10 mm. Fireflies typically come out at night and find each other for mating -- or eating -- by means of a cold chemical flashing signal. Very tiny, this weevil is only about 1/16-inch long. The black vine weevil diet comprises of herbs, shrubs, trees, and other plants. Scientific Name: Family Silphidae; various species around the world, Size: Medium-sized beetles, up to about an inch in length, Habitat: Found wherever there are dead animals, Notes: The habits of this insect are amazing in their adaptations to feeding on and around carrion, The name says it all -- these beetles love to find a dead mouse or bird and use it as a food source, Filbert weevil showing characteristic "snout". They have an oval, 4 mm long body. Check for these near your pet’s food dishes, which can be a primary source of their food. If you spot small brown or red colored creatures moving in your dry food, know that it is a Weevil. These pests always stay near your food, which means closer to your pantry. Using a cloth wipe the shelves after dipping it in hot water and dishwashing soap. They are also very hard to hold; if you are quick enough to grab one of these insects (unlikely), it will quickly slip through your fingers thanks to its flat, slick surface and powerful, oar-like legs. In the US and Europe, it can undergo population explosions. Notes: These beetles are harmless, although the females can deliver a pinch with their short, sharp mandibles. Notes: There are many, many species of click beetles in the world, and they can all snap themselves into the air to escape danger. Science begins with a question and seeks answers, and non-scientific approaches tend to begin with a belief or faith and concoct explanations from there. They have an elongated snout and feast on every kind of grain. Most people seldom encounter these insects, but one kind of "water beetle" is familiar to almost everyone who has spent time outdoors: whirligigs. They live in woods, hedges, and overgrown areas, where the larvae (grubs) feed on rotten wood under the soil; they pupate in shallow chambers and the adult beetle emerges in the summer. Powdered milk, cake mix, and cornstarch are other preferred food of these Weevils. They are usually 6 mm in length. However this beetle is confined to the American Southwest, where it can be very common. In a ziplock bag pour the flour and place it inside the freezer. If stored grain is not properly managed there is a potential for it to become infested with stored grain pests. They are the most common kind of beetle in the world, and since there are more beetles than any other kind of animal on earth, that makes weevils the most successful animal out there. Stag beetles are often raised as pets, especially in Japan. Different species have different appearances. Checking your pantry on a day to day basis is a good idea too. Size: Most are less than an inch -- a few are quite large, Habitat: These beetles live outside, under stones and logs, and prowl around looking for small insects to eat, Range: These beetles have a world-wide distribution. The adults lay eggs in the food. They belong to the Tenebrionidae family. Stag Beetles: male on left, female on right, The eastern Hercules beetle is a kind of rhinoceros beetle found in the United States. The larvae live in rotten stumps and logs and prey on the insects there. If you find an insect that looks anything like the emerald ash borer, immediately call a local university, museum, or forestry office -- it's a legitimate emergency! Only the adult stage is dealt with in this book. Estimates show the weevil infests more than 100,000 acres of citrus. Disclaimer: Dedicated naturalists volunteer their time and resources here to provide this service. There are two variations of this species, one in the North and one in the South (the northern version has darker legs). There are 9 types of Weevils. They are found throughout the world, and are known as "glowworms" in Eurasia and elsewhere. Commonly known as the Botany bay or Diamond weevil, Chrysolopus spectabilis, was collected by Joseph Banks on his voyage with captain cook and was the first insect to be scientifically described and named from Australia. These beetles fly very well and are often mistaken for wasps, which is the idea -- they are completely harmless, but the way they buzz around flowers, showing their bright colors, may fool potential predators into thinking they can sting. They cause a lot of damage to grains, macaroni, wheat, oats, corn, sorghum, barley, buckwheat, Kaffir seed, and other products.

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