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In this case technology is transferred between industrialised and industrialising countries. Technology is considered as a key factor for economic development. The research revealed that many technology transfer projects do not or, at best, only marginally contribute to technological development. assumed but that in practice the learning rate at the Destination Company is lower than at the international production technology transfer. ResearchGate has not been able to resolve any references for this publication. A second mainstream in technology transfer, mostly present in industrialising countries, also concerns technological development but now it is related to building up technological capabilities all the way to research in order to catch up with industrialised countries. 2 0 obj product and/or production process information. The Open University system of technologies is described as it exists in England and the system specific problems of these technologies are delimited. It is concluded that industrially developing countries are stuck in a very difficult situation. amount of technology, the accuracy of information, and the extent of organizational and Companies Indonesian experiences with the aircraft industry suggest that the transfer of technology in this sector is extremely difficult, and even if technology is actually transferred it does not necessarily lead to a viable industry. International Journal of Intercultural Relations. National Science Foundation (NSF) funded These three phases are influenced by three. differentiates between system specific and culture specific problems in the process of this implementation: and discusses the interaction of three cultures in the process of “transferring” a system of technologies from one of these cultures to another. international technology transfer. development approach is not well understood. It is extremely challenging for industrially developing countries to develop a competitive position in this high technology and global industry. Next, the current status of these national industries is analysed. Technology Transfer: An Overview of Process Transfer From Development to Commercialization, TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER AS INNOVATION DRIVER FOR GROWTH, Technology and economic development: A literature review, Judging The International Transfer Of Technology, International technology transfer: building theory from a multiple case-study in the aircraft industry, Developing countries and the aircraft industry: Match or mismatch, THE IMPORTANT ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER IN PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY-A REVIEW, International Technology Transfer: Building Theory from Multiple Case-study in the Aircraft Industry, ROLE AND IMPORTANCE OF TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER, The cross-cultural transfer of educational technology: A myth. International technology transfer occurs frequently in international operations, for example in Ramanathan (1994, p. 253) describes them as 'Vertical technology transfer represents a flow from laboratory research through developmental stages and ultimately to commercialization. Centres, building on previous exploratory case studies. International Journal of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation. In the This can be seen as innovation at the company level. This paper argues that technologies can never be transferred from one culture to another. model and is cumbersome and subjective. It was found that process. Although many different factors are discussed in the literature that affect the transfer I am analyzing, broadly, the developments in additive manufacturing/3D printing and looking at how this is spreading globally, what types of innovation it represents and potential impacts in indust. the learning curve is introduced. These three phases are influenced by three technology because it is an aggregate measurement of the production performance. <> It also occurs in situations of international outsourcing where a new supplier receives product and/or production process information. The paper focuses on the non-applicability of using the term “transfer” with its attendant connotations, to signify the implementation of similar technologies in different cultures; For many industrially developing countries, technology transfer is seen as a road towards technological and economic development.

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