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It offers many drawers, storage space, and a large surface for your working area. The corner desk allows you to elaborate works on the surface area, because although it may look limited, its length gives you freedom for more configuration, depending on the needs. New York: Crown Publishers, 1966. Shell desks are simple, three sided desks with little to no storage underneath. Some office shaped desks actually curve like a ‘U’, to make working conditions more convenient and for organization purposes. It’s a type of large writing desk with many drawers and storage system space, allowing you to have a large writing area with comfort. You don’t have to find one with the same design, really, because the CPU can be placed on the floor, while a virtual keyboard is now on the rise. This is a type of desk topped by a hinged desktop surface, which is in turn topped by a bookcase, usually closed with doors or drawers. We may be paid compensation when you click on links to those products and/or services. This type of desk is made to fit all period regardless of the style, beautifully carved to give an impression of elegance and grandeur appeal. One of the more common issues with desks are the legs being uneven or faulty in some way. The best aspect is their ability to provide extra leg room. The best thing is that they can be used while sitting down or standing up. Secretary desk. These are not the most luxurious desktops, but they provide practicality, versatility, and peace of mind. Here are the main types of office desks you will find online. The most common desk materials are wood, metal, glass, or plywood that give a different finished look. There are many different places you can put an office desk, so be sure to measure the space available before purchasing your desk so you know what you have to work with. The term is also applied sometimes to very big pieces of furniture made up of three elements, one of them being a half-wide secretary desk. Secretary desks have an upper board that folds down to form a writing surface. Suppose you have a large spare room, a credenza desk can sit beautifully as the center of attention. Laminate surfaces overlay a protective material on top of the wood construction. Aronson, Joseph. Some argue that the roll-up desk belongs to the antique shop, made since the 18th century and is the table of royals. It is designed in a most conservative style to match any room decor, and suitable to be placed in the center of a room or against the wall. If you are in search of writing space or extra storage for your home, you may find that a secretary desk provides what you need. Discover how to style one in virtually every room in the house. 3rd ed. 15 Outstanding Laundry Room Lighting Concept in Modern Dwellings, 15 Best Charming Writing Desk Ideas That Will Inspire Productivity. A secretary desk or escritoire is made of a base of wide drawers topped by a desk with a hinged desktop surface, which is in turn topped by a bookcase usually closed with a pair of doors, often made of glass. She has coauthored a handbook for teachers on school-wide discipline and has contributed tips for special-needs students in the basal curriculum for RCL Benziger. A secretary desk or escritoire is made of a base of wide drawers topped by a desk with a hinged desktop surface, which is in turn topped by a bookcase usually closed with a pair of doors, often made of glass. Many people value this desk for its benefits. A great desk can be the centerpiece of any space dedicated to a specific activity, whether it be a hobby, schoolwork, a job, or simply having fun. The secretary is one of the most common antique desk forms and has been endlessly reproduced and copied for home use in the last hundred years. Here’s an example followed by a large gallery of many different types of computer desks. We only recommend products from merchants we know and love. So, the point is to find one that will accommodate your device’s measurement. 23-Inch Victorian Style 4-Drawer Secretary Desk With Hand Painted Grey And Truquoise Finish Made Of Mdf/Solid Wood/Veneer - 23X36.38 Inches - Rectangular Secretary Desk Style Desk. However, in quite a few of the antique versions a system of internal gears or levers connected both to the sliders and the hinged desktop automatically pushed the sliders out at the same time as the user pulled on the closed desktop to put it in its horizontal position. 7. The desks included lower drawers, an upper bookcase for storage and a drop-down writing surface. The base of modern secretary desks may include the traditional drawers, or the desk may rest on legs giving an open feel to the piece. The whole is usually a single, tall and heavy piece of furniture. Household desks and school desks are typically constructed in a rectangular shape with four strong legs to withhold the weight of the standing desks. Sometimes a small drawer is found beneath the writing surface. It typically hides little cubbies and drawers where small objects can be stored. Pick of the bunch! Furniture manufacturers offer a wide range of variations on the traditional secretary desk. Underneath, there is room to sit and on either side, you’ll find several drawers and cabinets for hidden storage. Of course, you can also find small corner desks that are shaped like triangles and meant for small workspaces. The hutch on top may have glass doors for displaying collectibles or a solid front to conceal the contents. There are 3 main types of stand-up desks: While the above gallery showcases different types of standing desks, my favorite are the motorized Herman Miller adjustable standing desks (but they cost a lot of money). With the many numbers of design, the types of desks also come in different materials. Glass surfaces add a boldly modern touch to any desk. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I […], […] are ten beautiful French country desks for your home office! Desks are the best single piece of furniture for work and play, the office and home. 150 Home Office Ideas | 30 Types of Computer Desks | 10 Types of Home Office Filing Cabinets. Who doesn’t need a desk? Woodstock, N.Y. : Overlook Press, 1991. While your preference is the only one that matter when choosing the right working surface, now you already have the list of the best 10 desktops to put into consideration. 17 Different Types of Desks (Desk Buying Guide), 19 Types of Fireplaces for Your Home (Buying Guide), 7. In a space like the home office, productivity is key which is why functionality should be your top priority in a desk! Entire desks that can be raised and lowered. It has the L-shaped design–most of it, really–and serves as a remedy for the small homeowners. With the desk styles, the floor space is all yours but remember no drawers are available. Wall-Mounted Desks), 9. Secretary desks feature a hinged door that flips down to reveal a desktop surface, perfect for writing or working on a laptop. Indeed these types of antique secretary desks are often seen in oak. Each style, material, and finish grants a unique touch to the room it is housed in, so choosing the right model involves appraising the looks and function equally. A roll-top desk is one where a hood rolls down over the desk surface to secure all contents. Secretary desks have an upper board that folds down to form a writing surface. Phone Desk. With its creative design, it offers a larger working area on the surfaces serving as the main desk, a bridge, and a buffet for maximum storage. Like the slant top desk, the main work surface is a hinged piece of wood which is flat when open and oblique when raised to enclose secondary work surfaces such as small shelves, small drawers and nooks stacked in front of the user. With a classic look that conveys timelessness, it’s no wonder these have remained popular to this day. These desks are available in styles suitable for any decor. This particular antique model is elevated with solid mahogany, a … There is no unanimity on this term, even among specialists. This coating is usually plastic of some sort, meant to keep the desk stain and warping resistant.

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