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If 2 characters are on the same space as a pitfall activates the character who placed the pitfall will not be stuck. Sometimes it is better to suffer a minor explosion to avoid the massive damage caused by a Unit attack. The stages are sadly lacking in terms of definable characteristics, but they get the job done while not looking too ugly. Trap Gunner may seem like a game meant for multiplayer battles, but the game is absolutely worth trying on your own. Gain plans to mass-produce the Tico unit and sneak them into foreign countries to kill world leaders. Sound effects are important here as you can hear the Unit being charged as well as hearing the giant plasma ball approach you from any part of the stage. Trap Gunner has you playing as one of six secret agents trained in explosives, espionage, and combat. The explosion will also knock down and can destroy unit shots. You can read about Van shooting a guy in the head or Abdoll crushing someone’s face under her foot. Fights with a handgun which she can unload very quickly. In order to see an enemy’s traps you need to hold a button to enter a trap detection mode in which your character moves at a slow pace while scanning for nearby traps. Trap Gunner has you playing as one of six secret agents trained in explosives, espionage, and combat. Traps could be placed in the furniture to damage the opponent, and could even be disarmed with the proper item. The final boss of the game is Stilb, the leader of Gain. Abdoll is hardly capable of following orders outside of simply killing and eventually turns against Gain. Van accepts all sorts of dirty work in hopes of finding his sister. If you detect one, you can attempt to disarm it by pressing the sequence of buttons displayed onscreen like Parappa the Rapper sort of. When a character gets hit by an attack or a trap, they'll let out a yell of pain or surprise, and surprisingly, even if they don't actually talk during the game, they sound pretty good when they get trapped! Tico has simple emotions and was never meant to be able to think on her own, however she was coaxed into joining Gain after they offered her some ice cream. The maps in the game are all pretty similar in style and appearance. It was a simple formula yet it was addicting for its time. The Pitfall trap renders a player immobile for a few seconds and can be useful for several situations, including the use of the last trap type – the Gas. Accomplish this successfully and you disarm the trap and regain some health. by Robert "Arkanod" Samuels on January 5, 2012. -----CHARACTER SELECT At the Character Select screen, you can choose which of the six characters you wish to play as. **these characters have the same damage shots. Now you must fight each agent on one of 36 battlefields. Submit a review and let your voice be heard. -----STAGE SELECT If you have saved your current Trap Gunner data to a Memory Card, you can select the stage you wish to play with each character. And, yes, you can unlock a few hidden characters as well, giving it some more replay value. If you chain together pitfalls near a placed gas trap you can stall for a bit to give the gas time to go off. The Force Panel is a trap which propels the opponent in one of four directions (determined by its placement) and is useful for flinging someone into deadlier traps. They'll explode and have a range of 1 space. The game gets hectic when this thing is fired off because cautious tactics are no longer viable. Take the role of a dragonsage. A ruthless organization known as GAIN has done the unthinkable: to keep agents from interfering with its plans for world conquest, it has somehow managed to pit them against each other. Remember the premise? has all you need to win every game you play! When a character gets hit by an attack or a trap, they'll let out a yell of pain or surprise, and surprisingly, even if they don't actually talk during the game, they sound pretty good when they get trapped! There are a total of nine playable characters in the game – six main characters and three unlockable sub-bosses who are basically slightly beefed up palette/model swaps of some of the regular characters. Remember Spy vs. Spy on the Commodore 64 or the Apple 2 computer (or should I just get to the NES version instead?) Mostly though you'll want to place them in otherwise open areas to deter your opponent from being there. The Switch Detonator is a remotely detonated explosive which can be set off by the player at any time, making it one of the deadliest traps. The game features a story mode, a player vs. player mode, a player vs. computer mode, and a tutorial. Select Trap - L1/R1. Overall: 8/10 While Trap Gunner isn't a standard death match game per say, it still has a unique style of gameplay that everyone should try at least once. The Bomb can only be set off in conjunction with a Switch Detonator or a nearby mine explosion. When sent on a mission to spy on Gain she managed to discover that her parents were killed by the Gain executive known as Elg. It emits a purple gas cloud that will damage anyone who comes into contact with it as well as slowing their movement for several seconds afterwards. So, you have an area of the map covered in traps, but what does your opponent see on their screen? Monster Rancher 2 can unleash hundreds of monsters from your common household CDs. Posted Gain comes up with a plan to individually influence each of the agents into fighting the others. Please log in or register to continue. They will create deadly trap combos, search for and disarm your traps at opportune times, and they know how to make good use of the Unit as well as how to avoid an attack from it.

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