topping a walnut tree

I’ve tried sycamore, hack berry, and hickory with no luck, but have not pursued them. What do most of you do once you pull the taps? Last year I had no problem with pectin. It must be level and without obstructions. also produce a sweet sap that can be boiled down into valuable syrup. He can be reached at (518) 523 9337 or by email at Thanks everyone for all the posts, comments, and info! All Rights Reserved | Website by Maple Creative,, Tapping Walnut Trees for a Novel and Delicious Syrup, If you are already producing walnut syrup or are considering doing it in the future, we would love to hear from you. I’ve also seen where that is not a good idea. The temps last week ranged from 40-65F in the daytimes and 28-35F during nights. The subject of ‘topping’ trees is especially controversial along community right-of-ways. A Modern Door Design Using Hidden Hinges. Not unusual at all to get 10 to 20 gallons of sap per day. You should also observe that the younger branches of walnut trees … The goal is to leave a trunk looking like a telephone pole. Tapping walnut trees is a relatively new phenomenon and very little information exists on the optimum tapping time for these species, the expected yields from traditional bucket or more modern vacuum-enhanced tubing systems, and the overall economic outlook for producing walnut syrup. The sugar content in my walnuts is much lower than sugar maple judging by what my hydrometer reads as well as the amount of sap required to make syrup. It should have several moderately thick branches and be roughly 4–6 ft (1.2–1.8 m) tall. Any idea of the sap to sugar ratio? I had to do frequent additions once boiling and now am about 50% reduced. Walnut tree pruning is important for the tree’s health, structure, and productivity. Yesterday we collected 7 gallons and I am now boiling it down outside using a borrowed turkey fryer burner. With the maple I made some maple sugar to be used for various recipes. HOWEVER, ‘topping’ IS NOT a recommended practice for any tree, regardless of species or size. And our second favorite food group is breakfast that tastes like dessert. Walnut trees (Juglans spp.) So far no problems with that but I have not been filtering. Sap flow in English walnut (Juglans regia) has also been studied in France due to the worldwide importance of nut production in this species. Some places it said I could others said no. This year we had a lot of nuts but there is a ton of pectin. Wish me luck! Results in nice clear syrup. Anyone know how to make it. Topping occurs when the vertical stem (leader) and upper primary limbs (scaffold branches) on mature trees are cut back to stubs at uniform height. His findings, as well as other practical experience, indicates that the sugar content of walnuts mirrors that of maples, yet the amount of sap flow is significantly less. Topping is also referred to as heading, stubbing, or dehorning. I was told ONLY maple and honey is allowed to be sold via home kitchens and I would need to cook my sap and bottle in a commercial kitchen if I am to sell it. I’m excited to see what happens out here. 2) Topping stimulates undesirable "water sprout" growth . I have tapped and made syrup from a sycamore. of Black Walnut Sap? The walnut syrup is great the walnut jelly while actually tasting OK is not really my thing so going to have to try some of my pectic enzymes I use in wine. Feel free to call Michael Farrell, If you have a disability and are having trouble accessing information on this website or need materials in an alternate format, please contact Cornell University via email at. Tapping walnut trees is a relatively new phenomenon and very little information exists on the optimum tapping time for these species, the expected yields from traditional bucket or more modern vacuum-enhanced tubing systems, and the overall economic outlook for producing walnut syrup. Just tapped about 10 walnuts today, first time and was thrilled to see a run already. Anyone have any advice on ratio of Pectin Enzyme to Gall. Over the course of about 3-4 weeks we’ve collected 4-5 gallons. Firstly, yes - oak trees can be topped. At this point, you can begin shaping the tree into the central leader position. The reasons for this are: If you are too late when pruning back your tree in the winter, the cut wounds will bleed. I’m new to tapping and tapped 20 black walnut trees in Bucks County, PA. About 6 are giving me sap and nothing from the others. Lynwood…I’d love to hear about your sycamore syrup. I have purchased a new, much more efficient evaporator and will be eager to give it a whirl with both maple sap and walnut sap. Most people are familiar with maple syrup production- it is a time honored tradition throughout eastern North America and has seen a resurgence in popularity over the past decade. I’ve decided to test run the one gallon with 5 drops of pectinase on a slow cook on my wood stove. I have tried to have them logged and only 12 were of veneer quality so I turned my attention to making walnut syrup as well as maple syrup next year. THAT’S why I’m getting so much goop instead of syrup! This process is not possible with a split log. The smaller trees 12″ to 16″ will produce from a dribble to 3 or more gallons of sap per day. The walnut tree is susceptible to aphids and the walnut blister mite as well as coral spot and leaf spot. Routine pruning of dead or dying branches can be done at any time. A blend of maple and walnut syrups sold at Cornell’s Uihlein Forest in Lake Placid. Stay tuned! Hi Kiley, This particular practice must thus be reduced to the utmost, because it can damage the tree and alter the upcoming harvests.. If anyone has food info on Hector filter I’d appreciate. Todd Leuty from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture recently conducted research on tapping Japanese walnuts (Juglans ailantifolia) grafted onto black walnut rootstock in Ontario. Syrup produced was wonderfully buttery and nutty and very different from maple. Ingredients. This year I have had nothing but problems and just determined it was due to pectin. Cutting leaders off branches often causes the tree to throw out crazy branches that are structurally weak and thus dangerous. The syrup from the earlier run of black walnut I like best as it lacks a tangyness that seems to develop later in the season. It only took about another 45 minutes (on low flame) to raise the sugar content enough to take the temp about 4.5 degrees (F) above initial boiling temp – which for me is 212F – it finished around 217F and my final yield came to about 40 ounces of very tasty dark amber black walnut syrup. Looking forward to some walnut sirup! I also did maple syrup. Dear Ms. S., you can prune back your walnut tree. So a large walnut tree with a long, straight trunk can be worth $8,000 or more. The professional world is merely divided on the best time at which to conduct the pruning. Same with sycamores and hackberries.

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