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But, to Holden, it’s not that simple. When I was writing it I felt like I had a lot to prove. We decided to be funny about it and do the exact same pronunciation. It’s going to be deep but digestible. They were like, "We don’t, but we do want to put out your next record. Which is cool for punk. So that’s two instances, one of which is a woman addressing her own situation as a woman at shows, another is a non-binary person addressing their own situation as being a non-binary person at a show. And then also not wanting to see them get sort of, used. 1. : Yeah and to appreciate the people next to them, appreciate that they’re all in this room together, appreciate that they’re all witnessing this. But I don’t sit at our Twitter and retweet every single thing people say about us. It was the weirdest coagulation of things to happen. The dudes went from a wild show in Boise, Idaho into Denver, where Punknews Copy Editor Britt Reiser was able to catch up with vocalist Christian Holden in the basement of a DIY venue called Seventh Circle Music Collective. ‘Cause when you’re shouting, you’re hiding, in a sense, and when there’s music you’re also sort of hiding. So I think about not wanting to be an authoritative force, and think about the ways artists interact with being a public figure and how being a politicalized public figure as well as– I’m a musician, I’m an artist, I make a living off this, I’m technically a business. This doesn’t sound like it’s a hooky 101 though. And this newfound softness touches every part of the Worcester band’s third LP, from beginning, middle, to end. It’s like a little bit more grey. by Chad Jewett. It’s called "Not Back to School Camp. So I just wanted to pick your brain for thoughts you’re having before tour, about any new ideas about actively making those spaces more inclusive? I saw something that you hate school and think it sucks? Almost every single song on this record is telling a story within itself and I’m more interested in seeing people’s interpretations to the songs because it lays it out for them more. Basically, it all came together full-force because there was this book called A Grateful Heart, it’s purple and yellow and has some fruit on the front. Stub This article has been rated as Stub-Class on the project's quality scale. You can sort of make out what she’s saying, but sort of in itself is like a blank canvas. And in the end, I thought it was funny. The interaction with it is very personal. Everything about that record took forever. AP: I know I saw that, and was like “What?”. For the last couple of years whenever there was a review or anything about the band on the Internet, we’d see it and read it because I was excited to see it. Maybe it’s not necessarily a risk to do that, or maybe it is. And to an extent, it seems like these claims are true. It can be whatever your mind is imagining. Use these five hotel employee interview questions to make sure your newest team member is an awesome addition to your business. Speedy Ortiz did the hotline for like if someone is harassing you, which I think is really cool and is also more relevant to them because Sadie’s a woman, and probably all too familiar with that and specific scenarios at their own shows. We have to rely on words more to get a point across or to evoke certain emotion more. It just fit into the record in that way. Like, if there’s two people that are, in a thing, or if you have a job in your life, you’re not going to have that job forever, and for whatever reason that’s accepted. Basically, it all came together full-force because there was this book called, , it’s purple and yellow and has some fruit on the front. But it even kind of is. CH: I heard a friend recently talking about this other artist, and she was just like, “ I like their stuff but it’s mostly songs about girls. I feel like there are certain artists that get passes in certain worlds. I said "look, I’m not going to be hyper-masculine but I’m going to keep myself safe and not let people fuck with me. Reasons being that you’re in situation as a youth where you’re under the control of these other people who have your education, thus your life, six hours a day, five days a week, in a school. I read about it when I was reading about anarchism stuff, and I was like "oh, that seems like a pretty controversial book" so I got it. Any songs I can’t hear immediately we would just throw away. Depending on how that goes, we can re-release this one later.".

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