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In a certain sense, the client appears to play a role in the shaping of the environment. Through the ecological perspective, the behavioral setting can be viewed as the basic unit of analysis for social work prac-tice. Social work is conceived as a superior mode of assistance and social service. the social work contribution must be clear, captured, and communicated, so that there is a good understanding of its necessity: this should be across all levels from practice to strategy; professional leadership and supervision in social work (including reflective practice) is critical alongside line management. What came out of these workshop discussions forms the content of this manual. What are its underpinning values? All social workers contribute to creating as well as using professional knowledge. closely linked to national requirements for professional social work practice; these are highlighted throughout the chapters within the content, activities and resources. Social studies: principles and practice 3 children and young people can demonstrate their progress through their skills in using differing sources of evidence, in assessing its validity and reliability, and in applying these in everyday life and work. an idea long accepted in social work practice, but also that be-havioral change in the client provides for different inputs from the environment. on social work practice areas of importance, what social workers needed to know, what resources they found helpful for practice, and what the resource gaps were. We understand our distinctive knowledge complements that of other disciplines to provide effective services. Reflection on Social Work Practice Introduction Social work covers many basic services intended to serve equally to each of the members of the community, without requiring this specific contribution to access the benefit, especially to people who do not have sufficient resources to meet certain basic needs. Practice for Social Care The Code is a list of statements that describe the standards of professional conduct and practice required of those employed in the social care profession in Wales. from social work practice, theory, law, research, expertise by experience, and from other relevant fields and disciplines. The Code plays a key part in raising awareness of the standards of conduct and practice that are expected of the profession. This is the first time that standards have been set in this way at national level, although many employers have similar standards in place at local level. The Code of Practice for Social Care Workers is a list of statements that describe the standards of professional conduct and practice required of social care workers as they go about their daily work.

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