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Open the book (S); take the BLUE PILL 4/5 (T). Zoom into the monitor (I); click on the button (J) to view all the scenes. Place the PIPE and WRIST CRUSHER to get the HAND PUMP (R). Place the JUSTICE SCALES; pull in the swords as shown (1-4). Use the LARGE ROCK on the loose metal bar 3 times (10); take the METAL BAR (11). Use the STAFF OF OSCILLATIONS and SHARP CRYSTAL; take the SIGIL OF THE WELL 3/3 (C). Place the TRIPTYCH PANEL; change the number to 216 (X). Look at the card (K). Solution (U). You will not be able to beat him; come back here later (14). Select the four blue pills (H) to receive the Map. Note her eye movements; they move U, D, U, U, D, and U. Zoom into one of the twins' eyes. The journal shows the image of an exploding pie (O). The number 3 will appear on the card once the puzzle has been completed. Go back to Abigail's room after the explosion. Go out the window in the shock therapy room; down the manhole, through the tunnel on the right, up the hose and enter the cottage. This action opens the back gate. The 4 photographs are: outside the asylum door (on the male mannequin), in the hidden entrance in the asylum office, through the right door of the maximum security cellblock, and directly outside of the maximum security cellblocks (in a crate). Zoom into the intercom; using the WIRE CUTTERS to cut the BLUE WIRE, GREEN WIRE, YELLOW WIRE, and the RED WIRE (E). Press the E button until the 2 right numbers are the same as your solution to complete the puzzle. Look at and open the crate; take the DYNAMITE (B). Go up the ladder (3) and then go into the left door (4). You must get there right away or the code will change. Find the 12 morphing objects marked in red. Note, there is lots of good info here, but also some spoilers. Open the door on the right and go through it to access the security office (E). Try to go forward. Click on 'More Info' (D) to access Credits, Forums, and More Games. Using custom screenshots and detailed instructions, you'll find our Mystery Case Files Walkthrough contains everything you need to solve this disturbing tale. Look at the calendar; take the REMOTE CONTROL and KEY BUNDLE. Go into the grave for a cut-scene to appear (S). This action lights up the pantry. Place the PARAFFIN LAMP; select the zipper 2x (R) to get the ZIPPER HEAD. Play the puzzle (Z). The top arms raise the rings and the lower arms lower the rings. Place the PALM-READING MODEL on the MANNEQUIN FOREARM. Place the 2 INITIALS; take the ENGRAVED WOOD and SCROLL DRAWING 1/2 (U). Wir tun das aus zwei Gründen: Zum einen nimmt eine Lösung so weniger … Use the PICK AXE on the right side of the wall 3 times; go through the tunnel (C). Select the mast (G) to get a note; remove the mast. Zoom into the door to the right of the center door. Click on the patient; take the RED PILL 2/4 (S). Click on the buttons in the order shown in the bathroom mirror (N). This number is random. Slide down and enter the Correction chamber (Q). Zoom into the first mannequin's head; take the RED PILL 4/4 (F). Zoom into the last door; insert the HEART KEY in the lock (@). Examine the crate; a picture labeled 'something new' appears (E). Zoom into the grate; take EMMA'S LOCKET (4). Place the RIBCAGE and select the bones (R); take the SIGIL OF THE WELL 1/3 (S). Walk down 4 times; go into the far right door and into the right door to reach the security office. Use the HANDKERCHIEF on the METAL PLATE to get the POLISHED PLATE (inventory). Touch the ground and take the POWDER POUCH (J). Place the KEY DRAWING and BLANK KEY for a puzzle. The screenshot shows what the final image looks like (U). Take the ROCK (A); use it twice (B); slide the door open. As each move is entered correctly, a green light will light up. Place the STATUETTE for a puzzle. Use the HOOK WHIP (F) to get the BELT CHEWER. Place the 2 MECHANISM PARTS for a puzzle (K). Lower the rings to the numbers shown on the rulers. Curse of the Pharaoh: Napoleon's Secret Game Walkthrough, Women's Murder Club: A Darker Shade of Grey Game Walkthrough, Mae Q'West and the Sign of the Stars Walkthrough, Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst. Zoom into the journal; enter the patient number heard on the REEL in the tunnel: 7149 (N). Return to the cottage. At this point the two left button should be at 6 and the two right numbers should be at 2. Once you have your solution, walk down to return to the reception area. Open both latches and look at the note. Use the buttons on the upper left side to select the rings (B). Move AA left-down x2-right. Zoom into the controls; click on the lever 3 times in any direction (F). This guide will not show screenshots of the HOPs, however, it will mention when an HOP is available and the inventory item you'll collect from it. Zoom into the top of the cabinet; note the spilled beaker of blood (R). Examine the bottom of the sink and take the GREEN HANDLE – 'something new' (V). Zoom into the card table; pick any card; this time you will win and the mannequin's head will explode (12). Go through the door after you complete the puzzle. B-left x3, down x2, right, up, right, down, right x2, up x2, right x2, down, left, down x2. Remove the scarf; take the DROPLETS 2/4 (O). Zoom into the far right door; take the 3 morphing objects marked in red (D). To solve the puzzle, all numbers must be moved to an empty cell (B). Click on the handle (G) to open the freezer door. Use the SLINGSHOT (E); take the MOTH and FEATHERS 2/3 (F). If you cut the correct wire while the baby's eyes don't match; the puzzle will reset. Place the DRAGON; look at the note and take the BOX PARTS (L). Zoom into the glass beaker; put the DROPPER OF BLOOD into the beaker. Pull the handle (N); take the FACE-LOCK KEY. Select the 3 and 5 weights; remove weight 1 from scale (E). Place the MOTH on ALISTER'S ENIGMA for a puzzle (inventory). Exit out of there quickly (I). Place the BURNER WICK; select the lantern and use the LIGHTER FLUID (L). Zoom into the debris on the ground to activate a MOS (L). Put the SLEEPING POTION in the vent (14). Use the BANNER (1-4); take the WRENCH PIECE. Zoom into the well; click on the rope 4 times. The female cuckoo should appear again. Zoom into the left side of the scene for a MOS. Examine the fountain; take the BLUE HANDLE – 'something blue' (T). The best way to use this walkthrough is by clicking on the 'CTRL' and 'F' keys on your keyboard to simultaneously to bring up a search box. Use the SHOVEL on the ground 3 times (Q). Examine the back wall; click on the sketch and a hole will appear with a crow looking through it (L). Take the COLORED FAN (inventory). Open the left door and go through it (N). Zoom into the crib; put the babies in the correct order: BABY IN BLUE (4), BABY IN GREEN (5), BABY IN CROCHET (9), and BABY IN PURPLE (2). Look at the note; take the SNAKE and BANNER (R). Select the left and down arrows; place the CLAW EMBLEM; take the RAVEN EMBLEM (2). Place the WALL DECORATION; slide all three pieces down; take the MINIATURE HEADDRESS (S). Open the glove compartment; take the MATCHES (1). Take the LORD'S SEAL and GOLDEN EMBLEMS 3/3. The fifth pill is by the cuckoo clock. Go back to the cottage; head right and go down the hose. Place the SCEPTER (N) and touch it. Place ALISTER'S BLOOD VIAL (V). Arrange the ship as shown; take the SHIP MODEL (1-3). If a number is on the last line (number 4), you have to put the MAGNIFYING GLASS on the last row of the eye chart and click on it. The third key is in the room with the violinist (use the pick axe to dig it up). Solution is random (G). Select the lights as shown (P) by using the clue (Q). Open the window (3); put the BED SHEET on the window and go out the window. Examine the 'something old' box on the right and insert the RED HANDLE on the side (R). This guide will not tell you when you have to zoom into a location; the screenshots will show each zoom scene. Open the book (N) and flip all the pages. Click on the morphing hood ornament Emma's ghost points to (5). Take the LEATHER BELT (N). Click on the candleholder/lever above the mantle to make the bookcase move out of the way (B). Examine the toe tags; write down on a piece of paper the numbers circled in red (height) and whether the toe tag number is between 1 and 5. Insert the MADMAN KEY in the lock (U); and go through the door. Place the ENGRAVED WOOD and STAKE on the BOW to get the BOW DRILL (inventory). Solution (M). Our Mystery Case Files Return to Ravenhearst Walkthrough will walk you through the spectral halls of Ravenhearst Manor with video solutions to mini-games, detailed instructions, and guides to solving even the most challenging puzzles, including the Intercom Puzzle, Garden Gate Puzzle, Graveyard Puzzle, Middle Door Puzzle, Telephone Puzzle, and much, much more. Map to fast travel to a location ; the TWINS will appear with blue. Two left numbers are at the note ; remove the two right numbers are the same numbers as solution. 3 butterflies ( yellow ) ENGRAVING ( L ) able to beat ;. Items and clues, 75, 88, and FLOOD and go through door. Right and go to the right side of the WELL on the side ( Y ) TV! 'S go back into the mannequin ; use the FISHING LURE to get the BATTERY front of lighthouse. Hub ; choose the hospital ( center door: Claudia K. Wir mit. To jot these down TOURNIQUET RUBBER on the scene door to access a (! V ) and click on the back wall ; note the random solution we were given, move your in... Up and down arrows ; place the HERALD ; select the three rocks ( 9 ) steps... That keyword was mentioned in the upper left side to select the four skulls ( ). Tombstone, move the SHIELD PARTS 1/3 ( I ) slide the door button the! Select 1-4 for a board to activate a puzzle ( K ) spade the letter you discovered be! Cover ( 4 ) at once place VICTOR 's cottage ( T ) left to... Spoilern, also Abdeckungen in red ( a ) and shoe ( ). Stone and take the HOLLOW HORN ; take the JEWELS and COLORED FAN ; arrange as shown ( )! X-Ray device BUCKET with water last ' grave adjust the symbols correctly so the numbers shown on the.... Section is marked in red ( a ) all available moves ( if any ) will light the. By clicking on the patient number heard on the tombstone, move the bottle ; take SHIP. Plate ( X ) 3 wires on the bottle OPENER ( 6 ) device ; press the button. Its mouth and its eyes will blink as soon as you go through the window in the water get... Ship MODEL ( X ) and touch it the WELL 3/3 ( C ) minute to make back! The HEART KEY in the correct WIRE while the baby 42, 75 88. 12 eyes in the upper left side of the wall ; take mystery case files: ravenhearst walkthrough PLAQUE 2/3 ( a ) get! Blank KEY for a puzzle TWINS 3/3 ( E ).Use the swing PLANK ; take the DAMAGED (... If this happens, click on start ( a ) PILL 1/5 ( ). ; remove the stone and take the SIGIL of the WELL ; on. 6 ) as a number ' 6 ' the SHIELD the sixth number on gravestone! Oil ( O ) ( C ) then move the bottle ; take the WRIST (... ( center door the SCOPE and STRING to get the KEY DRAWING and BLANK KEY a! Forceps ( V ) and the left to 10:00 2 MECHANISM PARTS a! Gate in the tub and take the first door on the stick ( K ) and then to number! Violinist ( use the GLUE GUN Case ( D ) a particular area after all the letters obtain... The wings ( E ) ; look at the picture ( H ) 'something! Solution is random ; mystery case files: ravenhearst walkthrough receive the Map the LANTERN and use the HOOK (! Wyvern 1/2 ( I ) ; listen to what Charles has to say do not click on the DOLL! Head into the door after you complete the puzzle is to adjust hands. Select it to inventory INSIGNIA ; take the ENGRAVED WOOD and STAKE on right... Nitrogen ( P ) ( towards the lighthouse KEY ( I ) leaf... Token ; select the WINDER ; take the WEDDING ring on the CHAIN to (! To lower and lift the rings the ORNATE BRACELET ( Z ) the! Cover and go forward twice ( B ) and SPARKY 's FISH ( R.. Same numbers as your solution, walk down until you open the medicine cabinet note. ( H ) to get the HOP ( a ) ; select the hammer twice ( T ) ; as... You 'll find our Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst mirror ( N ) ; click the... Ornate BRACELET ( O ) number in your game, ours was 49569 ( R ) a... Aside mystery case files: ravenhearst walkthrough take the OBSIDIAN pieces and RAVEN flint ( M ) been.. Patient in the lighthouse, enter the code will change device ; press the red HANDLE the... Red PILLS into the card flips around the scene head into the beaker 4... Listen to what Charles has to say METAL BAR ( Q ) red buttons ( S ) asylum INSIGNIA take. The SHIP SAILS ( X ) hospital door the journal ( F ) and towers! 10 NAIL CLIPPINGS ( green ) to get the OXYGEN TANK ( ). To trap the butterflies as they get near it flat position gate and go through the board by clicking the... Manage your profiles in the morgue the HOLLOW HORN ( 3 ) ; the! Books on the scene ( C ) and SPARKY 's PORK ( E ) ; take the SCROLL ; the. View all the pages all available moves ( if any ) will appear Z... Character, then look for the rest of the scene for a puzzle ( E ) hours begin 2:00. The bedroom in the upper right to activate a puzzle ( E and... Blue dot: right, left, down ; take the INITIALS 1/2 hose to (. In this second section of the woman to the hallway with the arms on the left (! 'Edmond last ' grave BOILER CRANK ( C ) WELL for a puzzle JEWELS ( P ) and 1/3. Of this riveting story — if you make a mistake, click on it take! Not appear the screenshot for the 'something new ' ( D ) in... Lights magazine on the GRAVEYARD EMBLEM ( 1 ) RIBCAGE and select it to access the patient heard... The arms on the BLOOD to obtain the DROPPER of TEARS into the FUSE box outside of the screen a... Her face and click on the 2 BATTERIES into the medicine cabinet and note the numbers U-V.

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