shelled vs unshelled almonds

Which is the best deal? I homeschooled my girls a few years and learned so much myself! Still, in the interest of having a word mean something specific rather than nothing specific, I vote for “ravel” to mean “unweave” and “unravel” to be abolished. However, it is understood that these cannot be verbs; you can’t “undo” the action (you can’t un-educate somebody! And it’s usually called peeling potatoes, rather than skinning them. Your email address will not be published. I realized I was spending $2 each day to feed the wildlife. Wouldn’t it be simpler to label them “in the pod”? Of course it depends on the weight of the shells, and I wasn’t about to figure that out by buying and shelling them. Merriam-Webster has a definition of the word “unshell” which means apparently the same thing as the verb form of “shell” – to remove the natural enclosing cover, as a shell, husk or pod. I would contact the supplier to see if they have come into contact with soy. Medical tests show that almonds can lower the risks of heart problems. That just shows that it’s ambiguous, which is a point at top. Hi Alain, Bless you this week! I guess unshelled belongs to a class of particples (which function as adjectives) that mean “have not yet been subject to the action implied”, or that indicate the opposite of a binary state (e.g, shelled/not shelled, married/not married, etc.). vs Nshelled. My point is there is reason for ‘unshelled’ to be ambiguous, which was a point at top. But critics say the treatments taint flavor and mislead consumers. Example: Her roasted almonds are the best. Settled. That was my feeling about “unravel”; since “ravel” means taking apart a weave (like when the knitting comes undone, or you start pulling a thread out of one sock), then “unravel” to mean the same thing is redundant. Please do a calculation for me. Note: This blog is completely affiliate-free. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. It depends of what nuts are you talking about? There. Do skinned potatoes have the skin on or off? I also apologize for my paraphrase of John S when he said, “I’d say ‘shelled’ and ‘unshelled’ would only be ambiguous for people with absolutely no knowledge at all on the subject of gardening, agriculture, vegetables or cooking.”   You obviously have ample knowledge of words but your arguments leads me to believe that you are not familiar with “gardening, agriculture, vegetables or cooking.”, The forums are currently locked and only available for read only access, We should be careful to get out of an experience only the wisdom that is in it and stop there lest we be like the cat that sits down on a hot stove lid. I prefer the appearance and flavor of mashed potatoes made from potatoes in their jackets,, but I suspect that if I were blindfolded, the differences would evaporate. Annie Kate!! When I said, “your definition” I meant the definition you linked us to and, although I have not thoroughly researched the word, I still do not think you will find ambiguity on the definitions of the adjectives “shelled” and “unshelled.” If you find contradictory definitions, please post them. Then I found this table at Using it, I made this price relationship table: For example, yesterday I saw unshelled walnuts for $4/lb, and I know that the shelled ones are $12/lb. Right now I am paying $100 for 50 pounds of in shell peanuts (for human consumption). Shell vs Unshelled. – which of the binary states is better? These are also participles which can also be used in active verb forms (Please untie me). They’re packed with protein, fiber, calcium and zinc.

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