puffy vs puffy lux

Only if you both are side sleepers and prefer a softer mattress should you get the Puffy Lux. We guarantee Puffy for as long as you own the mattress. Get free shipping and Lifetime Warranty. Also, if you prefer the feel of a softer mattress and want the memory foam hug, it’s going to feel more comfortable. If you like to sit on the edge of the bed, you may experience a little compression but not enough that it makes you slide entirely off. Can a company really make a difference just by adding to something they’ve already invented? If you sleep on your back or stomach, this one is more appropriate. Underneath, the transitional layer is still two inches and adapts to give you support where you need and contouring where you need that instead. The basic foam is an open cell type that helps increase airflow, reducing the temperature of the mattress so you can sleep better. Gel-infused foams prevent heat from building up in the core of the mattress and preventing you from sleeping peacefully. Puffy got it right the original model of mattress. Puffy uses a newer type of mattress philosophy for both styles of mattress. Underneath, dense support materials prevent the bed from sagging in the middle, so that your spine stays aligned and there’s no pressure on your lower back. The top layers are designed to allow your body to sink where it needs to and fills in where it doesn’t. It provides extra support where you need it and contouring where you need that. That can cause you discomfort and put pressure on common pressure points. Which should you choose? Also, if you prefer the feel of a softer mattress and want the memory foam hug, it’s going to feel more comfortable. Experience luxurious comfort with the Puffy Lux Mattress and its exclusive layer of Body Adapting Dual Cloud Foam. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. It’s adaptive overall and helps customize the bed to your preferences. Since these are from the same company, the logistics will be the same. It’s also got excellent edge support and spot on motion isolation, so you don’t keep waking each other up in the middle of the night. Notice: The Puffy Lux is a proven winner for side sleepers of every size. Required fields are marked *. They’re both a pretty standard depth although the exact depth is slightly different. If you have a partner who turns into the world’s most prolific tango dancer during the night or if you sleep with pets (or children) in the bed, motion isolation is a must. They do offer sales pretty regularly, which could help the Lux become more affordable if that’s what you’re waiting for. The first layer is a two-inch Cloud-Cooling foam that gives way underneath your widest points (such as the shoulders) and fills in gaps around your waist and feet. Before we get started, there are a few things you should keep in mind first. You shouldn’t have trouble finding sheets or mattress protectors in regular stores and sizes if you need them. Puffy uses memory foams in several different strengths. Try it risk free, and Both mattresses provide good edge support although they aren’t the best we’ve seen. This is closer to the medium range and is appropriate for side sleepers. Whenever you move, the materials adjust so that your spine is always in the optimal position. That gives you three inches total of contouring foams. The dense support layer is a full seven inches but still supports your weight and offers structural support to the mattress. Learn how your comment data is processed. Your email address will not be published. We are huge proponents of spending money on your health and wellbeing, but this is a situation where the extra expense isn’t going to be worth it necessarily. While the Puffy Royal is new and certainly the softest choice of the three, we haven’t personally tried it, but know it will be a fan favorite for side sleeping with it’s medium plush feel. The Puffy Lux is a bit softer with the extra contouring layer and rates at between a five and a seven on a ten point firmness scale. We loved Puffy and thought they couldn’t get much better. The support layer provides structural integrity to the mattress and prevents the edges from compressing too much underneath your weight. The Puffy also has plenty of cooling materials, and you aren’t going to get more cooling out of the Puffy Lux. The real temperature control happens with the gel infused layers present for both mattresses. The Puffy Lux is well made and very comfortable, but it’s designed for sleepers who stay on their sides throughout the night and experience frequent shoulder or hip pain as a result. We recommend looking at a mattress that’s specifically made for you such as the Winkbeds Plus. GET $300 OFF. Here’s why… If you’re exclusively a side sleeper, there’s a good chance you experience hip pain or shoulder compression during the night. The entire mattress measures ten inches in depth. If you’ve got your heart set on a Puffy Lux, you could wait for one of these (fairly regular) specials to help bring down the price. You can also watch the website for one of their frequent sales. This site uses cookies. If you both change positions frequently in the middle of the night, the original Puffy also has a firmness rating and feel that should accommodate those frequent position changes. (review link?). If you sleep in a full Superman position, it will prevent your hips from sinking too far into the mattress and overextending your spine or causing stress between your shoulder blades. The best-seller for enhanced support Our sleep experts are with you every step of the way to answer any questions you may have. It’s gel infused for temperature control and quickly handles heat and moisture for a comfortable night’s sleep. You can at least tie your shoes or ponder your life there for a little bit. Then the company released the Puffy Lux. Either way, ouch. The next layer is a two-inch foam that helps transition your body to the support layer. Plus, neither are created with your unique needs in mind, they’ll probably feel firmer than what their actual rating is. If budget is your final concern, the Puffy original should be fine, but the Puffy Lux will have a softer sleep surface overall.

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