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With over 155 million units sold, it’s still the most popular console in the history of gaming industry. Engage in the next generation thrill of arcade racing with the spiritual successor to Need For Speed III Hot Pursuit. Since some games were much better than others, we're ranking the best PS2 racing games of all time. For free ride action, you can compete in the new freestyle career mode, dazzling the crowd with new tricks and dangerous maneuvers. NASCAR Dirt to Daytona also features Single Races, Season Championships, Beat the Heat, and Pro Trainer modes rounding out a complete racing experience. You can also challenge three of your friends to multiplayer races. The game was developed by Data Design Interactive development studio. You can pick from over 20 unstoppable Monster trucks, including Grave Digger, El Toro Loco, Bulldozer, Bounty Hunter, Blue Thunder, and Maximum Destruction. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The following is a list of vehicle racing video games. You'll tear past spectators, maneuver your way through tight mountain passes, and round each corner of the race track in your dream car at lightning speeds. The game challenges the driver to dodge traffic, police, and natural elements in high speed and high style. In the world of street motorcycle racing, you'll weave through traffic, pull off flashy stunts, run from police, and race to the finish line. This time around, each kart holds two racers that can switch places at any time, so choose from a huge cast of favorites and pair them up any way you see fit. Race vehicles from manufacturers, including Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Subaru, and Mitsubishi, against up to eight drivers online or up to two drivers in split-screen mode. In high-tech racing machines based on Lego toys, you'll race through a city, a mountain, and a canyon, while earning money for car upgrades. 2K Games: PS2, Xbox 2005-04-19 Ford Racing: Elite Systems, HME Inc. Myth Makers Super Card GP is a children's go-kart race where players take on the role of one of the crazy heroes and set off to win. Experience high impact crash sequences and even race through busy city streets. With a variety of stunt combinations, Freestyle Metal X encourages you to push the envelope with psychotic tricks in freestyle environments full of challenges and side events. And it's up to you to evade any cops on your path, since getting busted just might end your career. User Score: 8.3. Crash Tag Team Racing; Crash Nitro Kart; Need For Speed: Carbon; Need For Speed … It's a frustrating game with a career mode that's too short, and, ultimately, you'd be better off without it. High-speed motorcycle racing and high-stakes futuristic combat collide in X63--an intoxicating, highly addictive arcade experience. The character in front handles the driving duties, while the character in the rear doles out damage with six normal items and eight special items that only specific characters can use.'s PS2 ROMs section. 45. How Old Are Bo-Katan and Boba Fett in The Mandalorian? ATV: Quad Power Racing 2 is all about big tricks, big boots to the face, and big finishes. The future of championship formula racing is faster, sleeker, and more dangerous. Can you survive in the world of NASCAR? Showing genre: Racing/Driving. Racing to win is the key for drivers hoping to advance from small town dirt tracks to modified cars, trucks, and eventually the highly prized NASCAR Winston Cup cars. Feel the power of your engines as you tackle 25 unique tracks, complete challenges and master the skills necessary to become the king of Supercross - like Jeremy himself. Pirates, haunted castles, and mob bosses all lie ahead of you--are you skilled enough to overcome these dangers? You can race for money, pink slips, and more through the streets of LA, Philadelphia, and Miami. Join new teams--Toyota and Renault--and complete all-new challenges that test your driving skills. Fight your way to the finish with kick attacks, huge jumps, and power slides. The shortest distance between two points isn't always a straight line... and in Smashing Drive, it's a way of life! You can customize your character with upgraded equipment as you race down 13 different tracks through a handful of game modes. Freestyle arenas filled with tall jumps, rings of fire, exploding barrels, and destructible objects put you into a world of action. Myth Makers Super Card GP is a children's go-kart race where players take on the role of one of the crazy heroes and set off to win. Burnout brings high-energy, arcade-style street racing to your gaming console. So, without further ado, may we present to you IGN Cars' first-ever Top 10 Racing Games - PS2 Edition. All 23 Winston Cup tracks and the Daytona Beach road course can be raced with 14 tracks featuring both day and night racing. If you've been waiting for a great rally racing game to come to the GameCube, keep waiting. As a fearless cab driver with attitude, your goal is to rack up the mega-bucks before your shift ends. Explore, adventure, and dogfight in the skies over Danger Island, Haunted Transylvania, and Roaring Chicago. The sequel houses a stable of exclusive and exotic cars from the world's most coveted licensors including Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini. Although the world established a culture of peace and environmental preservation, people wanted a sport that would whet their appetites for speed and competition... But being the fastest is just the beginning. PART DEMOLITION DERBY, PART WHACKED-OUT CARTOON COME TO LIFE. Whether you're grinding through mud pits in Louisiana, crunching up cliffs in California, or smashing up trees to make the ride a little bumpier for the guy behind you, keep your eyes on the prize: The cash you earn on the circuit goes to buy new trucks and build up your ultimate Monster machine. Rumble Racing: 4.86: Need for Speed - Most Wanted: 4.85: Need for Speed - Carbon - Collector's Edition: 4.84: Burnout 3 - Takedown: 4.85: Need for Speed - Most Wanted - Black Edition: 4.85: Midnight Club 3 … Empire Interactive: Arcade, WIN, PS1 2000-11-02 Ford Racing 2: Razorworks: Empire Interactive, Gotham Games: WIN, PS2, Xbox 2003-10-28 Ford Racing 3: Razorworks: 2K Games, Empire Interactive: WIN, PS2, Xbox, GBA, NDS 2004-10-29 Ford Racing Off Road: Razorworks: Xplosiv: WIN, PS2, PSP, Wii 2008-03-21 Kart racers are a bit of an enigma. Learn the harsh realities of the racing world where losing can cost drivers not only points in the standings but loss of money from a sponsor. Fluid control, animated riders, and fast action make Big Air Freestyle a total snowboarding rush in single-player or multiplayer modes. Test your skills against the computer or online against up to 4 players. Platform: PlayStation 2 August 15, 2006. PS2 Racing Video Games 10 Raceway: Drag and Stock Racing (PS2) Cartoon Network Racing (PS2) MegaRace 3 (PS2) NASCAR Thunder 2003 (PS2) MX 2002 Featuring Ricky Carmichael (PS2) Yamaha Supercross (PS2) IHRA Professional Drag Racing 2005 (PS2) Jeep Thrills (PS2) What starts in the city is settled in the canyons as Need for Speed Carbon immerses you into the world's most dangerous and adrenaline-filled form of street racing. Kart RacingPS3 Video Games Video Games Encyclopedia by

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