plum sauce substitute

This fruity sauce is perfect to use as a dipping sauce for roast duck and finger foods. Lee Kum Kee Plum Sauce; Sauces. Source(s): plum sauce substitutes: Like the hoisin sauce, it’s a great alternative to the bbq sauce and originates from Asia. The product finder on the Smucker's site is not working right now. It consists of plums, ginger, vinegar, and other fruit types as ingredients. Lee Kum Kee Plum Sauce 220g (0)Leave a review. Ok so I bought these frozen egg roll things and started making em when I realized I have no plum sauce!! 0 0. sweetroll. £1.90 86.4p per 100g. I have peanut butter and apple sauce lol maybe those would taste alright with it? The recipe is for an apple cake in which the apple slices are tossed with lemon juice and half a cup of the jam. They'll taste kidda boring without it :( any ideas for a substitute? September 15, 2020 . I've gone to 3 stores and no one seems to have it. Traditionally, the plum sauce gets used with fried dishes as a condiment. I'm wondering what an acceptable substitute would be. For example, the won-tons and spring rolls. Add to trolley. I have a recipe that calls for Smucker's Red Plum Jam. Lv 7. Product information . Would raspberry or strawberry jam work instead? It is also excellent if used as a duck flavoring. Description. Barbecue sauce is a great complement to most styles of barbecue and is an essential element in some of them. Chinese plum sauce is a smooth sweet and tart sauce infused with traditional Chinese spices and boasts a deliciously complex flavor profile that will mesmerize your taste buds! plum sauce substitute. Add to trolley. Plum Sauce. Plum sauce substitutes? It’s wonderfully versatile as a dipping sauce, stir-fry sauce, basting sauce or glaze as well as simply tossed with noodles and drizzled on rice. Plum sauce does have a dark purple color, so it won’t exactly “hide,” but it works great in chocolate recipes (like brownies) or in pumpkin bread. Haha please help me . Add chili powder if you prefer a bite in your recipes.

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