pax era user guide

A pulsing white petal indicates current charge level. Once it's packed, tamp it down using any loading tool. Use our Store Locator to find a PAX Era retailer near you. Find the Pax vapor tips and user guide here. In this user guide we'll walk you through the main features to get you up and running ASAP. Era will confirm the reset by displaying a counter-clockwise green swirl indication. A complete charge will only take about 45 minutes. The petals will light up white and indicate its current charge level, and turn blue when it's fully charged. While drawing, Era Pro will twinkle pink and blue. One green LED indicates the Low default temp setting. We believe design, precision and quality are important in creating the best vapor experiences. Click on the image of your Era in the app to open the Temperature Range selection. Just insert any PAX Era-compatible pod obtained at a licensed dispensary into your device, and you are ready to begin vaping. Toggle Cart; Shop Vaporizers. An individual session is measured through a series of consecutive petal indications. pax era user guide Era Pods: Where Can I Find Them? To check your current session usage after a draw or two or ten, give PAX Era a double tap with your finger. You’ll find only two items when you receive your new PAX Era Pro. As a consumable component of the device, PAX Era batteries are not covered under the 1 Year Ltd Warranty. Instead, it heats up on demand for each draw. The spinning petals slow down and stop in a pseudo-random position. Session usage metering will reset to zero 30 minutes after your last puff or if manually reset. PAX Era Pro: Complete User Guide. Era Support: I need product support for PAX Era and/or pods? PAX 2 is fully charged when all four petals stop pulsing and turn solid. First, just remove the lid by pressing down on one side of it and let it pop out. A petal is added to the sequence every time the user correctly reproduces the sequence generated by the device.Shaking the device repeatedly restarts the game. The Era pod utilizes a single 2mm silica wick, but unlike other cartridges which only use single ended wicks causing them to dry out quickly, both ends of the Era pod wick are submerged, allowing for improved wick saturation and performance across a full range of oil viscosities. This is also displayed when session usages is or very close to zero petals. You can find a retailer near you using our Store Locator. If you're using the PAX app you may want to enable Child Lockout. PAX Labs Inc. has sold empty Era pods various fillers in select states, which fill the pods with herbal extracts at their discretion. You are the yellow petal. At this time, empty pods are only sold to fillers in select states. Ghosties move faster on each level.You start with five lives. Be sure to grind down the herb in an ultra-fine manner and pack it tightly for best results. When not in active use the LEDs will remain dark. Leave a comment . Four solid LEDs mean your battery is 100% charged. You get another life for every fourth ghosty you eat, indicated by a ghosty-colored blink for every four ghosties eaten so far (e.g. Not for sale to minors. There are no ON / OFF buttons for PAX Era. Your email address will not be published. Previous Post Previous post: DirecTV On-Screen Menu Help Guide. Once the pod is removed the LED will start by displaying your current selection then the petals will slowly begin to cycle through the remaining temperature settings. Use a high-quality grinder to achieve the right consistency. Within the app's Settings screen, you can adjust the LEDs brightness using the slider. Swipe up or down to Fine Tune adjust by 1 degree increments. PAX Era Pro: Complete User Guide. Connect the cradle and cord provided to your computer or outlet adaptor, then place PAX 2 on the cradle to charge. For more information about Era pods, visit an Era retailer. White LED's sweep downward when pod is inserted. Reinsert the pod when you see your desired setting indicated. Your email address will not be published. Previous Post Previous post: DirecTV On-Screen Menu Help Guide. Journal Support. Throughout each session, the wattage applied to the heater is automatically adjusted and regulated to ensure just the right power at all times. Pax 3 User Guide. Depending on how much control over your experience you prefer, there are times you may want to meter your session usage as you become more familiar with PAX Era. Now shake your Era Pro continuously for 2-5 seconds. If you'd like to reset your usage meter during any session, tap the device six consecutive times with your finger. Solid white LEDs indicate charge level complete. ERA PRO vaporizers pdf manual download. You can use position of the stopped brightest petal in any number of homemade games, e.g. After 10 seconds of inactivity the LEDs dim completely. Uncheck the selected game on the app or remove the pod from the device to exit a Game Mode. For questions about the contents of your Era pods which are not PAX products, please contact your local retailer. When Era is paired with the app you can fine tune your device's temperature setting. Device blinks all four petals yellow once for every life you have left after losing a life.Losing all your lives restarts the game. You may find raising the pod from the device slightly is helpful.

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