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When I declined his offer to shoot it, Trevor, tightening the cell phone charger around his arm with his teeth, nodded toward my feet. The time we went to Goodwill and piled the cart with items that had a yellow tag, because on that day a yellow tag meant an additional fifty percent off. Our, LitCharts makes it easy to find quotes by Being sorry pals, being sorry even, or especially, when one has no fault, is worth every self-deprecating syllable the mouth allows. But the thing about forever is you can’t take it back. I read that parents suffering from PTSD are more likely to hit their children. I mean," the swing stopped, "I think me . Not words—but shades, penumbras. I pushed the cart and leaped on back bar, gliding, feeling rich with our bounty of discarded treasures. Friday56 quote: In the Hartford I grew up in and the one you grow old in, we greet one another not with "Hello" or "How are you?" They make millions. I didn’t want to use the Vietnamese word for it—pê-đê—from the French pédé, short for pédéraste. But I lied. How they cut her auburn-tinted hair while she walked home from the market, arms full with baskets of bananas and green squash, so that when she got home, there'd be only a few locks left above her forehead. Sometimes I don’t know what or who we are. How so much of the world passes through the pupil and still it holds nothing. But some nothings change everything after them. And you take a step back. What have we become to each other if not what we’ve done to each other? A new immigrant, within two years, will come to know that the salon is, in the end, a place where dreams become the calcified knowledge of what it means to be awake in American bones—with or without citizenship—aching, toxic, and underpaid. If we are lucky, the end of the sentence is where we might begin. And maybe all names are illusions. The eye, alone in its socket, doesn't even know there's another one, just like it, an inch away, just as hungry, as empty.”, “Because the sunset, like survival, exists only on the verge of its own disappearing. Quotes Galore: On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous By Ocean Vuong It’s been a while since I’ve read On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong . ', 'You once told me that the human eye is god's loneliest creation. Part 1. You have to step up or they’ll keep going You have a bellyful of English. Trevor was a boy who had a name, who wanted to go to community college to study physical therapy. They say that trauma affects not only the brain, but the body too, its musculature, joints, and posture. Why did I feel more myself while reaching for him, my hand midair, than I did having touched him? she asked, mouth open. Maybe we look into mirrors not merely to seek beauty, regardless how illusive, but to make sure, despite the facts, that we are still here. Look. Each departure, then, is final. If, relative to the history of our planet, an individual life is so short, a blink of an eye, as they say, then to be gorgeous, even from the day you’re born to the day you die, is to be gorgeous only briefly. On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous Questions and Answers. What if the body, at its best, is only a longing for body? Explicit Reviews On Books, Tv Shows and Movies. and theme. “Do I look like a real American?” you said, pressing a white dress to your length. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Rose bush, rain, butterfly, snapping turtle, firing squad, childhood, death, mother tongue, me, you. I don’t wanna feel like a girl. But I took it anyway, that widening. “If it’s the same price anyway,” she says. Until I was numb. Only their children return; only the future revisits the past.”. A few months before our talk at Dunkin' Donuts, a fourteen-year-old boy in rural Vietnam had acid thrown in his face after he slipped a love letter into another boy's locker. Enjoy this free preview Unlock all 24 pages of this Study Guide by subscribing today. To be or not to be. Refresh and try again. The Question and Answer section for On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.. I got the wrong chemicals, Ma. We smashed the competition. “Tell me,” you sat up, a concerned look on your face, “when did all this start? Learn how your comment data is processed. I am hammering this paragraph, I am banging them out, we say. I’ll be good in a few years, you know?". I flinch, thinking you meant, Do you remember me? From the creators of SparkNotes. The truth is none of us are enough enough. It has been months since I last read the book, and still sometimes I find myself going back to my highlighted quotes in kindle just to read about them. I just—I mean…” He spoke into the wall. When does a war end? “In Vietnamese, the word for missing someone and remembering them is the same: nhớ. I looked at you hard, the way I had learned, by then, to look into the eyes of my bullies. We were splurging. The veal are children. when I really mean Are you happy? Up. They're like having in-class notes for every discussion!”, “This is absolutely THE best teacher resource I have ever purchased. I want to look him in the eye, shake his hand, and say, “It’s been an honor to serve my country. Your email address will not be published. "Why they die themselves like that?" Isn’t that the saddest thing in the world, Ma? Paul finishes his portion of the story. By then, violence was already mundane to me, was what I knew, ultimately, of love. “It’s for you. Then he winked, smiled—and faded back into the dream he made of himself. I was an American boy parroting what I saw on TV. In the nail salon, sorry is a tool one uses to pander until the word itself becomes currency. Next year I will be eight. I drove my face into him as if into a climate, the autobiography of a season. I can.”. Find the quotes you need in Ocean Vuong's On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous, sortable by theme, character, or part. They will want you to succeed, but never more than them. I stood bewildered, my toy army helmet tilted on my head. I gave birth to a healthy, normal boy. I looked at that dog, its ribs showing, dancing to French music and thought anything could happen. I am trying to end the memory. It no longer merely apologizes, bur insists, reminds: I'm here, right here, beneath you. It is the lowering of oneself so that the client feels right, superior, and charitable. The monarchs that fly south will not make it back north. A comma forced to be a period? What are we if not what the light says we are? You’re a mother, Ma. Our mother tongue, then, is no mother at all—but an orphan. They don’t know it's a cliff,", "Maybe they should have a stop sign then.". Please.” Maybe a survivor is the last one to come home, the final monarch that lands on a branch already weighted with ghosts. How so much of the world passes through the pupil and still it holds nothing. If we are lucky, something is passed on, another alphabet written in the blood, sinew, and neuron; ancestors charging their kin with the silent propulsion to fly south, to turn toward the place in the narrative no one was meant to outlast. From the creators of SparkNotes, something better. “Stop, Ma. (including. The first time you hit me, I must have been four. Sometimes, when I’m careless, I think survival is easy: you just keep moving forward with what you have, or what’s left of what you were given, until something changes—or you realize, at last, that you can change without disappearing, that all you had to do was wait until the storm passes you over and you find that—yes—your name is still attached to a living thing. When can I say your name and have it mean only your name and not what you left behind? Me. We’d love your help. How the difference between veal and beef is the children. We were born from beauty. I touch the world not as myself but as an echo of who I was. To be a monster is to be a hybrid signal, a lighthouse: both shelter and warning at once. Sometimes, when I’m careless, I believe the wound is also the place where the skin reencounters itself, asking of each end, where have you been? Ma, to speak in our mother tongue it to speak only partially in Vietnamese, but entirely in war. Themes. Some people say history moves in a spiral, not the line we have come to expect. As a girl, you watched, from a banana grove, your schoolhouse collapse after an American napalm raid. On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous. You screamed, face raked and twisted, then burst into sobs, clutched your chest as you leaned against the door, gasping.

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