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Forked tail is dark green with black outer tail feathers. Gray eye-ring is indistinct. Head is finely streaked; dark eyestripe is distinct. White underparts with black sides and white wing patch at base of primaries. It feeds on plants, crustaceans and mollusks. Eyes are large and red. Spectacles are pale yellow and iris is white. Female has gray-brown upperparts, white underparts with brown streaks, and a light to dark salmon colored belly and vent. Golden-winged Warbler: Small warbler with gray upperparts and white underparts. Many bird watchers know its distinctive and persistent song, sometimes transcribed as trees trees I love trees, that’s easy to remember. Wings and upper tail feathers are blackish-brown outlined with green. Black tail is edged with white; underside of tail appears mostly black with large white spots near tip when closed. Wing speculum is green with buff upper and white lower border. It has an undulating flight. It typically feeds on tiny grass seeds. The best bird guide and bird watching search engine to identify Blackburnian Warbler: Medium warbler, yellow-orange head, black cap and cheek patch, and orange throat. Bill is mostly yellow. https://backyardbirdingblog.com/backyard-bird-identification-guide Diet includes fish and small birds. Costa's Hummingbird: Medium hummingbird with green back, pale gray underparts and dull green flanks. Forages on ground, in trees. Tail is dark banded. Direct and hovering flight with very rapid wing beats. It has an undulating flight. Head has a black cap, white eyebrow, black eyestripe; throat is white. Large bill, legs, and feet are black. Not much better lol. Eyes are white. Undulating flight. Tail is noticeably short. It has a black tail with conspicuous black-and-white barred edges; olive-green bill, legs and feet. Black legs, feet. Wings and tail are gray. Legs and feet are pink-gray. Use our interactive bird identifier to quickly and easily work out what bird you saw. Its flight is weak and fluttering, alternates rapid wing beats with periods of wings drawn to its sides. The female tends to be darker than the male. The male (shown in background) has a bronze-green back, bright red eyering, rump and underparts. Philadelphia Vireo: Medium vireo with olive-green upperparts and yellow-washed to yellow underparts. Chestnut-collared Longspur: Small, sparrow-like bird with brown-streaked upperparts, black breast and flanks, some have chestnut on underparts, pale gray belly. Piping Plover: Small, pale sand-colored plover, showy black bands on head, neck. Swift, erratic flight, alternating several shallow, rapid wing beats with short to long glides. Bananaquit: Small and short-tailed with short, decurved black bill. Variegated Flycatcher: Medium flycatcher, dark brown-and-black scaled upperparts, brown eye-line on pale face, thin brown moustache stripe, dark-streaked, pale yellow underparts. Wings are white with black primary and secondary feathers. Arctic Warbler: Medium-sized, active warbler with stout bill, olive-green back, olive-brown sides, and white throat and belly. Tail is dark above with conspicuous white rump band and gray below. Head has black hood and throat, sharply contrasting white eyebrow and cheek stripe, and yellow spot in front of eye. Bill is slightly decurved. The wings are dark with two white or pale yellow bars. Direct and hovering flight with very rapid wing beats. Whatbird parametric search. White underparts with black sides and white wing patch at base of primaries. It has a red conical bill and brown legs and feet. Tail is dark. Black tips on the primary feathers are only seen in flight. The head has a gray cap, dark eyes, and white-bordered black eye-line. The cap is bright yellow and moustache stripe is black. Northern populations may migrate short distances to the desert regions of the southern United States during winter months. Iris is red-brown to red. Head has black mask and sideburns and thick yellow eyebrows. The Black-throated Sparrow has gray body with white underside. Dark, hooked bill. Legs and feet are black.Feeds on nectar and insects. It uses its short, sharp beak to probe bark for insects residing underneath. Ashy Storm-Petrel: Small seabird, gray-black overall, dark bill, forked tail. Hawaii Amakihi: AKA the Common Amakihi. Eyes are dark. Throat is white with yellow patch, breast and undertail are yellow, sides and belly are white with a gray wash. Head has rufous crown patch, bold white eye-rings. Wings are black with two white bars. Eurasian Skylark: This medium-sized lark has dark-streaked, brown upperparts and white underparts with streaks on the breast and sides, a dark edged tail, and indistinct crest on head. Yellow-fronted Canary: Native to sub-Saharan Africa, this small finch has olive-gray upperparts and bright yellow underparts and rump, a gray crown and nape, yellow eyebrow and cheek, a dark malar stripe and gray legs and feet. Wings and tail are black with blue edges. A group of sparrows has many collective nouns, including a "crew", "flutter", "meinie", "quarrel", and "ubiquity" of sparrows. Bill is black. var sc_project=965006; It has a swift and direct flight. The outer tail feathers mostly white gives underside of tail a white appearance when tail closed. These bird identification guides provide information about over 140 of the most common British birds including garden birds, birds of prey, shorebirds and waterfowl. Legs and feet are blue-gray. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Vermilion Flycatcher: Small, stocky flycatcher, gray-black upperparts and scarlet-red crown, throat, and underparts. Often feeds on mudflats like a wader. The wings are finely barred above with red-brown shoulders and pale below with red-brown wash and dark tips. In any area it may be abundant one year, absent the next. Dynamic soaring, glides for hours. Eats insects, berries, fruits. These cookies do not store any personal information. Black legs and feet. Head and underparts are buff to cinnamon with white throat and vent. It has a direct flight with steady wing beats. Scarlet Tanager: Medium tanager with brilliant red body, black wings, tail. Yellow-faced Grassquit: This tiny finch has olive upperparts, pale olive underparts, black face, breast and upper belly, yellow eyebrow and throat patch, and a conical, sharply pointed bill.

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