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Upper-division courses that may NOT be listed as cross level with 5000-8999. Graded on S/U basis only.Credit Hour: 3-6Prerequisites: Completion of undergraduate portion of 150 hour program (or equivalent) and consent of Internship Coordinator, This course takes a practical approach to exploring multistate and international tax concepts by focusing on tax issues that can arise as a company expands from a single business location into a multinational corporation. Restricted to Doctoral level students onlyCredit Hour: 1-3Prerequisites: instructor's consent and director's consent, ACCTCY 9444: Seminar in Auditing Research, The economic role of auditing; the audit process; audit reports and the consequences of auditing on financial statements; new audit directions and perspectives.Credit Hours: 3Prerequisites: doctoral candidacy or instructor's consent, ACCTCY 9457: Quantitative Methods in Accounting, Application of mathematics and statistics to managerial and financial accounting problems.Credit Hours: 3Prerequisites: ACCTCY 3347, MATH 1300 and STAT 3500, or instructor's consent, ACCTCY 9460: Research Methods in Accounting, Application of research methods to the investigation of current accounting issues. May be restricted to lower-level business and lower- level accountancy students during early registration, Second part of two-part course focusing on the nature and use of managerial and financial accounting information for decision making in various business settings. First part of two-part course focusing on the nature and use of managerial and financial accounting information for decision making in various business settings. Components will include the Dawdy Speaker Series, Orin Ethics Symposium, and Symposia delivered by accounting firms and/or professional accounting organizations. Part 3 of the course surveys principals of international taxation, including U.S. taxation of the foreign investments or activities of U.S. taxpayers (outbound) and U.S. taxation of the U.S. taxation of the U.S. activity or investments of foreign taxpayers (inbound).Credit Hours: 3Prerequisites: ACCTCY 4353. Exceptions: Fine art and music “skills” classes such as painting or drawing may have different levels meeting in the same room at the same time, such as 1000, 2000, etc. Finally, students will learn the basic rules regarding the estate tax. “H” after a number indicates that it is an Honors course, approved by the Honors College for use toward Honors Certificate or University Honors. The PDF will include all information unique to this page. Addresses a series of special financial accounting topics including income taxes, pensions, leases, business combinations, consolidated statements, and foreign currency translation. Emphasis on introducing students to business operations, as well as preparing and using management information and financial accounting information for business decisions (does not count as either ACCTCY 2036 or ACCTCY 2037).Credit Hours: 3Prerequisites: sophomore standing, An introduction to the field of accounting, this course covers the fundamentals of financial accounting. Current issues in the financial reporting of business corporations to external parties.Credit Hours: 3Prerequisites: ACCTCY 2037 or ACCTCY 2137H or ACCTCY 2027 or ACCTCY 7310. This will be a non-credit, non-billed, no hours course.Credit Hours: 0Prerequisites: Accountancy Majors, Independent investigations, reports on approved topics.Credit Hour: 1-3Prerequisites: instructor's consent, (cross-leveled with ACCTCY 7353). Students will develop conversational speaking skills, build listening and comprehension skills through significant exposure and practice with native speakers*, and will acquire reading and writing skills in their new language. General AIS concepts. Not for undergraduate credit. Graded on A-F basis only.Credit Hours: 3Prerequisites: ACCTCY 4384 or ACCTCY 7384. Curricula & Catalogs; Course Offerings. The Explore Courses site presents all active courses, whether or not offered in the current academic year.

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