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We can expand this equation to get the general form of this plane as follows: (1) Cylindrical to Spherical coordinates A problem on how to calculate intercepts when the equation of the plane is at the end of the lesson. Cartesian to Spherical coordinates. VECTOR EQUATIONS OF A PLANE. Special forms of the equation of a plane: 1) Intercept form of the equation of a plane. How do you think that the equation of this plane can be specified? Two vectors u r and v r, parallel to the plane π but not parallel between them, are called direction vectors of the plane π. Determine the equation of the plane that passes through $(1, 1, 1)$ and has the normal vector $\vec{n} = (1, 2, 3)$. The general equation of a plane is given as: Ax + By + Cz + D = 0 (D ≠ 0) Let us now try to determine the equation of a plane in terms of the intercepts which is formed by the given plane on the respective co-ordinate axes. Plane equation given three points. We need (a) either a point on the plane and the orientation of the plane (the orientation of the plane can be specified by the orientation of the normal of the plane). Shortest distance between a point and a plane. The most convenient form to write this plane in is point-normal form as $(1, 2, 3) \cdot (x - 1, y - 1, z - 1) = 0$. The Equation of a Plane in Normal Form. (b) or a point on the plane and two vectors coplanar with the plane. Cylindrical to Cartesian coordinates. Let us now discuss the equation of a plane in intercept form. What is the equation of a plane if it makes intercepts (a, 0, 0), (0, b, 0) and (0, 0, c) with the coordinate axes? Volume of a tetrahedron and a parallelepiped. Cartesian to Cylindrical coordinates. Spherical to Cylindrical coordinates. Consider an arbitrary plane. Let The equation z = k represents a plane parallel to the xy plane and k units from it. The equation above is the required equation of the plane that cuts intercepts on three coordinate axes in the Cartesian system. The concept of planes is integral to three-dimensional geometry. The intercept form of the equation of a plane is where a, b, and c are the x, y, and z intercepts, respectively (all … The equation of a plane in intercept form is simple to understand using the concepts of position vectors and the general equation of a plane. a) plane determined by three points b) plane determined by two parallel lines c) plane determined by two intersecting lines d) plane determined by a line and a point B Vector Equation of a Plane Let consider a plane π. Spherical to Cartesian coordinates. Therefore, this is how we can simply obtain the intercept form of the equation of a plane that is if we are provided with the general equation of a plane.

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