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While Maxon mentioned that the APEX 808 is not a limited run, it won’t be around forever either. 3, 28.03.18 1 ★ für Captain Knaggs Beitrag Nr. Known for its incredible warmth and organic, tube-like quality, the "808" quickly became the go-to amp-pushing pedal for countless guitarists around the globe, including a blues player from Texas named Stevie Ray Vaughan. Maxon’s version of classic TS-9 Tube Screamer More Drive and Output than OD808 NJM (JRC) 4558 Op Amp True Bypass Switching The tone that made Stevie Ray Vaughan famous While the OD808 may have been the first overdrive circuit of its kind, it was the OD-9 that cemented this sound in … I currently own several Maxon overdrive pedals, and I was very interested in testing the APEX 808. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! The sound has … Show all. The Maxon OD-820 Overdrive pedal is by far the best Tube Screamer I have ever played. 1. With this in mind, how different does it sound? Ibanez Tubescreamer 9 vs Ibanez Tubescreamer 808 vs Maxon OD 808 und ich hab zwischen 808 und 9er serie kaum unterschied gehört. The OD808X offers a wider frequency response than a stock OD808, with an extended hi-frequency tonal range that offers additional clarity without becoming harsh. For guitarists who already own a Maxon or Ibanez Tubescreamer, it’s a hard sale. Audi­ofan­zine in Eng­lish Test Report. We compare two new Maxons to a vintage TS9… Huw Price. It got played three times this … Maxon is the OEM company that built Tube Screamers for Ibanez until striking out on their own in 2003. The controls are the same: Drive, Tone, and Level (Balance on the standard OD808), with standard 9v DC or battery options. According to their website, the design is identical aside from a small change to reduce the pedal’s noise. Show all. The Maxon OD808 Overdrive is made by the same Japanese company which crafted the original overdrive circuit in a green stompbox that's been obsessed over by guitarists for the past 30 years. This overdrive can be described as clean, has nice tone, and is great value for an over 100 dollar overdrive pedal. It uses the identical circuit found in the original employing the same JRC4558 IC chip for smooth, natural overdrive similar to a cranked-up tube amp. Also for: D&s, Ge601, D&sii, Cp101, Pt999, D&s2. Show all. While the build quality won’t be too different, the APEX 808 features a fancy faceplate to separate it from the OD808. #14 MetalWorks, Dec 30, 2007. With the gain control on the Overdrive Pro down under 3, the pedal changes from overdrive into a pure, clean boost. Lot's of features on this one also. Improving on their own standard-setting OD808, Maxon has added unique voltage-doubling circuitry for greater headroom. And that is sweet indeed. The OCD sits in that area between a OD box like the TS9 and DS1. The OD808X takes Maxon’s classic 808 circuit to the extreme; adding extra Drive, Level and High frequencies to create a versatile, amp-like overdrive with excellent note clarity that won’t get lost in a mix. Der original 808 Overdrive verfügt über die Original - Schaltung und den Original - Chip wie 1979. Sold off the '80 TS808 for crazy money, and now I have my original '07/'08 Maxon OD808 and Ibanez TS808HW I keep on my board for two different flavors, and in my pedal stash I keep my spare '07/'08 OD808 in the event something … The APEX 808 pedal sells for quite a lot more than the regular Maxon OD808. A reissue of a legendary pedal, the Maxon OD808 delivers smooth, natural, transparent overdrive like a full-up tube amp. 119,00 € inkl. They created the original circuitry for Ibanez, while manufacturing OD808 under their own name. Anyway, IMHO this pedal sounds very similar, but is still even warmer... Maybe it being hand wired has something to do with that. Beyond that, all similarities end and all bets are off. The Maxon APEX808 will appeal to blues and classic rock players first and foremost. 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the release of this iconic overdrive, and to celebrate Maxon is releasing a limited-edition OD808 model in collaboration with Godlyke, Inc. Maxon OD808 Tubescreamer - wohin damit. Günstigster Gesamtpreis 119,00 € Günstigster Gesamtpreis. Soundchip sei der gleiche, und iwo hab ich mal ein vergleichvideo gesehen von den beiden. After a few moments, I started to realize that the pedal had a thicker tonality about it as well as an extended high-frequency response. Maxon OD808 is my first real overdrive. Yet for all its legendary status, there are some who wish the 808 offered just a little bit more – and for those players obsessed with excess, Maxon has created the OD808X Overdrive Extreme. DHL DPD UPS. Board-Mitarbeiter.

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