mac app programming guide

Therefore, when working with files, you should use the file coordination interfaces introduced in OS X v10.7 to be notified when other processes (including the Finder) attempt to read or modify files your app is currently using. That is, this guide shows you all the "pieces" you need and how they fit together. These technologies impact how your app interacts with system resources and the file system. It is designed to help a user manage their multiple logins, each with its own ID and password. And that means learning Apple's Swift programming language. These are the best programming languages to learn on a Mac, and we've listed them in rough order of complexity (easiest to learn -> hardest to learn). OS X strives to provide an environment that is transparent to users and as easy to use as possible. Cocoa provides support for archiving the current state of the app’s interface (including the state of unsaved documents) and restoring that state at launch time; see User Interface Preservation. It also contains important information about the architecture of Mac apps and tips for designing key parts of your app. To promote a more consistent user experience, applications submitted to the Mac App Store must follow certain rules about where they write files. You normally use this directory for scratch files or other types of short-lived data files that are not related to your app’s persistent data. Enabling your app to assume full-screen mode, taking over the entire screen, provides users with a more immersive, cinematic experience and enables them to concentrate fully on their content without distractions. Your application may write to the following directories: ~/Library/Application Support/. What's the best place to start, and which language should I learn first? When an app’s memory usage exceeds the amount of free physical memory, the system transparently writes pages to disk to make more room. For a general survey of OS X technologies, see Mac Technology Overview. Although you can create threads directly using POSIX and other higher-level interfaces, for most types of work it is better to create them indirectly using block objects with Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) or operation objects, a Cocoa concurrency technology implemented by the NSOperation class. Do not store files directly at the top-level of the Library directory. The mechanism works as follows: After the system creates a container for an app, each time an app with the same bundle ID launches, the system checks that the app’s code signature matches a code signature expected by the container. The simplest way to incorporate file coordination into your app is to use the NSDocument class, which handles all of the file-related management for you. Listing 1-1  Getting the path to the Application Support directory. Networking and Bonjour—OS X provides support for the standard networking protocols and services in use today. Even background apps continue to receive CPU time to execute ongoing tasks. When you adopt App Sandbox, the system provides a special directory for use by your app—and only by your app—called a container. Apps can still access any files and directories for which they have valid permissions, regardless of whether they are hidden by the Finder. Fundamental design patterns are used throughout Cocoa to enable your app to interface seamlessly with subsystem frameworks, and core application objects provide key behaviors to support simplicity and extensibility in app architecture. Always use Apple programming interfaces such as the URLsForDirectory:inDomains: function to locate these paths rather than hardcoding them. What sets an app apart from its peers is how it helps the user achieve some tangible goal. The App Life Cycle. Every file in the file system has its place and apps need to know where to put the files they create.

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