ktm 690 common problems

20-22nd June 2014, ↳   ABR Cream of the North Peak District Rally 9th to 11th November 2012, ↳   ABR Yuletide Exmoor Explorer Rally 7th to 9th December, ↳   May 2013 - ABR Ireland Rally 10th, 11th, 12th, ↳   June 2013 - ABR 'Island' Rally at Piel Island 1st - 2nd June, ↳   June 2013 - ABR Welsh Rally Rhayader 14th, 15th, 16th, ↳   ABR Highlands rally Ullapool 4th-6th September 2015, ↳   July 2013 - ABR South Coast Rally 5th, 6th, 7th, ↳   ABR Midlands Rally 25th - 27th July 2014, ↳   August 2013 - ABR Midlands Rally 23rd 24th 25th, ↳   September 2013 - ABR Highlands Rally Ullapool 27th, 28th, 29th, ↳   October 2013 - ABR Peak District Rally 18th, 19th, 20th, ↳   November 2013 - ABR Northumberland Rally 15th 16th 17th, ↳   December 2013 - ABR Exmoor Rally 6th, 7th 8th, ↳   ABR Salisbury Plain Rally 15th - 17th August 2014, ↳   ABR West Wales Rally 11 to 13th September 2015, ↳   West Wales ABR rally 8th-10th September 2017, WEBSITE/FORUM – HELP, RULES, ADVICE AND COMMENTS, Update 2 KTM 690 Engine Problems, anyone fancy a guess? Is KTM carrying out a non-publicized recall of the Duke 390? I've just completed my first 1000km service and run in. Trevor, South Africa This section is about staying healthy, happy and secure on your motorcycle adventure. Long journeys aren’t off the cards, but whenever I was going to ride from London to, say, Wales, I’d avoid the motorway in favour of the most interesting looking back route. Kev's O2 controller has caned fuel cons. Definitely mayor construction nonsense on 690E. I'd only done just over 150 miles! Greg, Australia Start your blog here! But it turns out that solution was quite simple and cheep. Range indicator said 17 miles left in tank (it was bone dry when it conked out with no warning at all). Graham Field! I'll make this post as short as possible. Here's a quote about the reason for false neutrals on the 690s, "First gear through fourth have four dogs, so it will drop in to gear every 90 degrees. People who want to meet travellers - yes that's YOU - and can provide local assistance, and may be your new best friends! KTM said if the 690 engine drops below 300ml of oil in the engine it will stop picking up oil, It cant have been far off this as the engine only holds 1.7 litres. You can get the pro shift kit if you find it difficult to adjust your shifting style, good reports for the kit. Even so 5kg is 5kg. Too many options? I'm willing to give them the chance to come good on the bike though! ↳   ABR Midlands Rally 2015 - 24th, 25th and 26th July 2015. I can't remember the last time I got a false neutral in the last 20,000 miles on one of these engines. ..of the 690 Duke R continues. Feb 2013 - ABR Shropshire Rally: 15th, 16th 17th, ABR FIRST TO THE BOIL RALLY APRIL 15th 2011, ABR Boil Rally Cumbria 19th - 22nd April 2012, ABR Norfolk Rally Holt 11th - 13th May 2012, March 2013 - ABR East Coast Rally 15th, 16th, 17th, Salisbury Plain Rally 2015** 21st 22nd 23rd August 2015, ABR Spanish Rally Pyrenees 28th May - 1st June 2012, ABR Welsh Rally Brecon Beacons 29th June - 1st July 2012, ABR Simmer Rally New Forest 20th -22nd July 2012, April 2013 - ABR Boil Rally Cumbria; 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, ABR Midlands Rally Stratford upon Avon 17th - 19th Aug 2012, ABR Highlands Rally Ullapool 28th - 30th Sept 2012, ABR Ecky Thump Rally Yorkshire Moors 11th – 14th October 2012, ABR Midsummer madness. I've had at least one moment just overtaking (WOT, 3rd, 60mph or so) on normal white lines / catseyes, where the whole thing went into a momentary death weave and then sorted itself out, just long enough to pucker my arse but not long enough for me to seriously consider panicking and backing off. Do you think a used KTM 690 with 10k miles could be expected to make it across the USA and back (5200 miles) with nothing more than oil changes? I wonder if they're caused by the handguards and screen? Become a Contributing Member here. Search Forums ONLY searches the HUBB, and not well. It cost me less than 5 euro, as guys in the garage made extensions for free. I'd love one of these. Recommended. New to motorcycle travelling? How many Kilos of gear were your carrying? Grant & Susan are veteran motorcycle travellers - RTW north to south, two up on a 1986 BMW R80 G/S. Three great travel books by by Mike54 » Fri Jun 02, 2017 8:54 pm, Post Start here! Meet some of your fellow travellers! See the trailer here! Help keep your favorite website going and get additional HUBB privileges! Of course, you get our sincere thanks, good karma and knowing you're helping to keep the motorcycle travel dream alive. You've come to the right place! It should drop into the proper place in the reflector with good cutoff and brightness. So back to dyno next Monday for Power Commander V fitting and tweaks. Collectors Box Set All 5 DVDs with a custom printed slip case. Travel Books Motorcycle and travel books to inspire and inform you! ↳   West Wales Weekend ABR RALLY 2016 September 9/11th. Get Ready! What don't I need? Brent, USA I have issues with my temperature guage not working, it basically works when it feels like it. Also I've been strangely wary of the rear tyre seeming to squirrel all over the place like I've got oil on it, when riding on anything other than smooth tarmac. "The series is 'free' because the tips and advice will save much more than you spend on buying the DVD's.". Scotland. Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance™ combines into a single integrated program the best evacuation and rescue with the premier travel insurance coverages designed for adventurers. However it's fucked the fuelling. This section will help you to plan your trip, whether it's to the next state, country or all the way around the world! How do I pack it all? I've had a fair few scary moments on the 690 with it feeling like it's just about to tankslap. don't want to pay the extra if it's not that much better. I might replace it with the original bulb. Im up to 4000k and zero issues, some here in aus have had the gear issue as well as the display glitching but other than that no problems. helps answer the question - Why Go? The second caveat is that it also causes somewhat fluffy running just off of idle, and has on occasion not responded to the throttle at all but felt like it was suffering fuel issues. The beam pattern is crap, and so though it's brighter in theory the beam pattern is so washed out you have to put it on maximum downward adjustment to avoid seriously blinding anyone oncoming. "Keep going the excellent work you are doing for Horizons Unlimited - I love it!" World Map Sticker for Panniers Show your route on your panniers. "A captivating book honestly written," Sounds like it's been thrashed from new, not looked after on oil level and cooked... ↳   ABR Midlands Rally 2016 (22nd, 23rd and 24th July 2016).

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