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Medina to convert to Islam. In Jahiliyya era, Khalid b. Walid was a nobleman and a courageous fighter of Quraysh tribe. [142] Among them were his independent decision-making and minimal coordination with the leadership in Medina; older allegations of moral misconduct, including his execution of Malik ibn Nuwayra and subsequent marriage to Malik's widow; accusations of generous distribution of booty to members of the tribal nobility to the detriment of eligible early Muslim converts; the personal feud between Khalid and Umar; and Umar's uneasiness over Khalid's heroic reputation among the Muslims, which he feared could develop into a personality cult. 2, Page no: 501-502. [4] [55] The treaty was further consecrated by Khalid's marriage to Mujja'a's daughter. After the Battle of Mu'tah, Khalid was given the swords during the battle. Khalid having clear evidence of Malik's distributing the tax money on getting news of Muhammad's death[5] declared Malik an apostate and ordered his execution. During nightfall, Khalid sent some columns behind the main army, [59] Accounts cited by al-Baladhuri, al-Tabari, Ibn A'tham, Fasawi (d. 987) and Ibn Hubaysh al-Asadi hold that the caliph appointed Khalid supreme commander as part of his reassignment from Iraq to Syria, citing the general's military talents and record. By Allâh, I will stone you. [112][113], Khalid and the Muslim commanders headed west to Palestine to join Amr as the latter's subordinates in the Battle of Ajnadayn, the first major confrontation with the Byzantines, in July. Tabari: Vol. "I will only pay taxes to the man chosen at Ghadeer" (Ali ibn Abu Taleb). [5]Khalid ibn Walid ordered Malik's killing because he knew that Malik had betrayed the Islamic state of Madinah, and was a traitor. Kennedy. All his services rendered to Islâm, and even the title of “Sayfullâh” given to him by Rasûlullâh r are simply ignored, and on the basis of nothing but a fable. After Medina's entreaties to the Ghassanids were rebuffed, relations were established with the Banu Kalb, Judham and Lakhm. Malik was a chief of some distinction; a warrior, noted for his generosity; and a famous poet. Malik's response was "your master said this, your master said that" referring to [Abu Bakr]. Malik was a chief of some distinction; a warrior, noted for his generosity; and a famous poet. It is unreliable on account of Muhammad ibn Ishâq, who was a much more truthful historian than Sayf ibn ‘Umar, but who used to commit tadlîs. This group also includes Khalid's cousin and later Caliph Umar. Al-Walid is identified by the historians Ibn Hisham (d. 833), Ibn Habib (d. 859) and Ibn Durayd (d. 837) as the "derider" of the Islamic prophet Muhammad mentioned in the Meccan suras (chapters) of the Qur'an. [118] Modern research questions Abu Ubayda's arrival in Syria by the time of the siege. Neither of these two figures were even born at the time when the incident of Mâlik ibn Nuwayrah occured. Malik's response was "your master said this, your master said that" referring to [Abu Bakr]. Although it is believed that relations [39] According to the account of the 8th-century historian Sayf ibn Umar, Malik had also been cooperating with Sajah, his kinswoman from the Yarbu, and was encountered with his small party by the Muslims after being defeated by rival clans from the Tamim. A study of the texts wherein reference is made to the story of the Mâlik ibn Nuwayrah reveals that not a single one of them is reported with an uninterrupted chain of narration that consists of reliable authorities. Imam Jafar said "When Imam Mahdi comes, he will effectuate the decree of God, and will not require witness from anyone. The messages said; “In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate and Merciful. and was first among the three men to enter Islam. She was very beautiful. [132] As a result, the Byzantines were left vulnerable to attack by Muslim archers, their momentum was halted and their left flank exposed. [117] Khalid advanced,[117] possibly besting a Byzantine unit at the Marj al-Suffar plain before besieging the city. Khalid understood this to be a transparent attempt by Malik to save his own life by any means at his disposal. The religious spirit was firmly implanted within them, to the extent that it led a great Muslim commander to swallow a quantity of lethal poison in the firm belief that the Rabb of Islâm and the Qur’ân will protect him before the enemies of Islâm. 1064). [145] The local tribes likely considered the large numbers of outside Arab tribesmen in Khalid's army as a threat to their political and economic power. [24][21][25] Muhammad rewarded Khalid by bestowing on him the honorary title Sayf Allah (Sword of God). Bravery, generosity and poetry were the three qualities most admired among the Arabs. [38], After Buzakha, Khalid proceeded against the rebel Tamimite chieftain Malik ibn Nuwayra headquartered in al-Bitah, in the present-day Qassim region. Like the previous report, this one too, suffers from a huge gap in the chain of narration. Nasai said [147] Athamina opines Umar dismissed Khalid and recalled his troops from Syria as an overture to the Kalb and their allies. Muhammad then later ransomed him in exchange for 2000 camels, 800 [18] Following his conversion, Khalid "began to devote all his considerable military talents to the support of the new Muslim state", according to the historian Hugh N. It is extremely unfortunate that the vicious and unscrupulous propaganda of the Shî‘î missionaries has succeeded in turning the sentiments of many a Muslim against this great son of Islâm and the pride of its military commanders. [5] Khalid bin Walid killed Malik ibn Nuwayra and raped[6] his wife, Layla bint al-Minhal. Khalid asked them about the signing of pact with Sajjah they said it was just because they wanted revenge against their terrible enemies. A third report mentioning the wife of Mâlik ibn Nuwayrah, which is widely quoted by those wishing to add a tragically romantic flavour to their basic aim of harming the reputation of Sayyidunâ Khâlid t , is the following:

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