juki vs brother serger

It is a function-rich and easy-to-use sewing machine. They really know what they are doing, don’t they? So this month I’ve been sewing up a bunch of knit projects, and decided it was about time to upgrade my serger. Its top-grade needles and cutting knives makes it easy for anyone to clean edge through multiple fabrics and give a smooth cut. There are a couple of serger brands such as Brother, Singer, Baby Lock, Juki, Janome, Bernina, etc., however, some of them like Brother stands out from all of them. I just found your post … I was hesitating between a Babylock Evolution and a Juki 1000 and I’m going tomorrow to my reseller :-)… and I have the same question that others had concerning the automatic tension. MO644D is an entry-level machine on which you can rely on to get perfect finishing. To be fair, the Viking was half the cost of the Juki so maybe the higher end model Vikings are more comparable. It’s always an experience looking or trying new machines, even if I don’t buy. In fact, the shape of the knife cover helps feed bulky fabrics into the knife without jamming. To fulfill the demand and supply ration industries often hire home-based sewers but want them to give market finishing to the product. Thanks to the “Automatic Rolled Hem” capability fixing denim, skirts, sleeves, and T-shirt is now a piece of cake for expert sewers. I am very impressed with the Juki and how quiet it is. You can use MO-623 for sewing woven clothes, sequins, ribbons, and elastic with the help of a slotted tape guide equipped multipurpose foot. As for now, my Evolve is working like a charm. Amy. Brother 1034D; Singer 14CG754 Vs. Singer 14SH654; Serger Guides. This machine is fairly new on the market, so it makes sense that dealers are still getting used to it. I liked the look of the Viking better and it had a built in thread cutter and a measurement guide which was nice, but it was less smooth, was louder and vibrated the whole table. If you are someone who likes the Old is Gold concept then buy brother 1034D which is the original sewing machine that brought fame to the brand’s serging units. I am so thankful to read your first hand experience with it! We love to share our creativity with needle and thread. It has a nice hum that purrs more than chops. I definitely suggest test-driving both and bringing the fabrics you sew the most to make a good decision! Also my instructions state that, when I get to the end of my fabric, I must must run off a few stitches but ONLY with the tension released… Why? I also have a Babylock Imagine serger and a separate Babylock coverstitch machine. ), i keep dragging my old broke ass elna pro dc 5 out and cajoling her into a few serged seams. You can sew a wide or narrow 3-thread overlock in combination with a 2-thread chainstich for constructing professional seams and improving your garment life. I didn’t know there was a new model! Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. MO-735 is a rigid and high-performance machine that is highly rated among the sewist community. Not all sergers come with free accessories and sewing foot. Almost every time it was. I bought my serger on a whim, but based on a recommendation for a reasonably priced starter machine. In the end it wasn’t what I wanted and I had the budget to go up ;). There is a knife cover that goes right up to the edge of the foot and when you pull it away, the machine locks as a precaution. You can work on any type of fabric to complete your project on time. I also tested a Viking serger before my purchase. Perfectly balanced stitching. That’s exactly what I did. Talking about being a beginner sewist, you can buy this brother serger if you are going to give all in or want to make a career out of it. The MO-654DE, MO-644D, MO-1000, MO-623 are some of the most popular Juki serger machines that are trusted by thousands of professionals. The MO-655 is another high-performance 5-thread serger. So watching your thought process and seeing that the Juki also has the air threading (which I love so much) was very interesting. In my investigations I found the MO2000 for only $30 more. I haven’t particularly noticed or been bothered by the noise. I have looked at the Bernina 1300MDC the Judi and Baby Lock as I thought I would like a cover stitch capability. It is going to help you make perfect rolled hems, create stretchy seams that are more durable, overcast raw edges, secure and finish seams in a single pass, and create flatlock seams. I don’t have much experience with other sergers so I’d hesitate to compare. I don’t know much about sergers as this is my first purchase but the Juki won out! How fun! Otherwise, you should opt for 1034dx(update to 1034d serger). Thanks to its ability to sew chainstitch, I can personally consider it as a good replacement for any entry-level industry-grade serger. One has Juki and Viking and the other Babylock. I bought it barely used on eBay for an absolute steal–I felt so lucky! I rarely had to adjust my Imagine, just clean it out from time to time. In addition, the salesgirl who walked me through the machines also gave me some new priceless tips on serging I’d never tried before. Was leaning toward Babylock with air thread but after reading about Juki mo-1000 here, I will be visiting both places tomorrow. It’s usually just a couple of clicks in one direction or the other for different fabrics. Before purchasing it, I had a few requirements in mind: it had to be not very expensive, easy to move and a real workhorse. I still like my machine a lot. The “Detachable Extention Table” is my favorite thing about this machine. I am looking to upgrade my White. However, I do adjust differential feed a bit more. If you are involved in fabrics business which requires lots of alteration job then this serger is a must-have sewing machine. Made a couple of calls today to 2 different shops. I bought my first serger, a Babylock Imagine, about 13 years ago. This has been so helpful. For creating durable seams you can construct a 2-thread chainstitch using this machine to prevent fraying of fabric edges. It is also ideal for hemming all types of knit garments such as sweatshirts, decorative seaming, t-shirts, and also sew elastic straps or bands. If you have a preference or brand you love, tell me WHY. I wanted a machine that had better lighting and wouldn’t bounce around my sewing table. The Brother 2340CV comes with an adjustable dial that lets you control the feed dog speed. What brand of sewing machine do you use and does it sew without complaining (skipped stitches, gathering, thread breaking ect.)? It is still manually set. It would be unusual, though not completely impossible, for a reseller to hold patent on some aspect of a product, not the manufacturer. (a) It’s maybe not surprising that someone familiar with Babylock should take to a Juki. After weighing quality, price and features, I selected the Juki MO-1000. There were other things that bothered me, including how much I needed to tweak the presser foot pressure, thread tension and differential feed to get mesh knits to stop twisting. Please do not take content, images or illustrations without permission or credit. The MO-1000 is the best Juki Serger for stretched fabrics such as knits and georgette. If you are someone who has lots of work in hand then try buying an industrial-grade sewing machine to finish them quickly with perfect seams. But even with my meek ways, I got a better deal than the price that’s going on Amazon, for example. Everyone, please ignore my statement about the relationship between Baby Lock and JUKI. Beginner’s Serger Tips; Best Serger Accessories; Choosing the Right Thread; Serger sewing; Serger/Overlock Stitch Guide; Traveling With A Serger ; Shopping for a Serger. Also, Babylocks are higher priced but there are a lot of features that make them worth it. I swear I’m not trying to stick with Jukis, but I keep gravitating toward them. Its 22 built-in stitch functions are something which I like the most. I'm in the market for my first serger. My sewing machine is a Janome 15000, which in my estimation, is all the machine anyone could ever need!!

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