how to share an ebird checklist

Checklists shared with you and checklists you share with others count. Shared locations can only be suggested as Hotspots by checklist location "owner". To (username or email, comma-separated) Contacts (click to add) Manage My Contacts. To suggest multiple Hotspots at once - The locations you want to suggest must all appear on the same page of the "Manage My Locations" list. One can be done in the field on a smartphone. Accessing submitted data. It’s important to understand that when someone shares a checklist with you, or you share with someone, you can see their media and they can see yours. Error! This can be helpful if you want to track the collaborative accomplishments of your local birding club or monitoring group in eBird.. To create a group account, create a normal eBird account and opt out of the Top 100 when you choose your user preferences. Then: How to Share your ebird checklist. Sharing your checklists with another eBird account. F or copyright reasons, o nly the person who took a photo or made a recording can upload it. How do I edit my checklists in eBird? STEP 1 Log in to your eBird account and click completed checklists. How do I upload images on shared checklists? Learn more. Traveling Complete. Are you submitting a complete checklist of the birds you were able to identify? If you don’t have an eBird account sign up here. Managing and Sharing Checklists in eBird Manage My Checklists This page is THE place from which to do anything involving your personal checklists – whether it be to edit, share, or in rare cases, delete checklists. Share this checklist with other participants' eBird accounts. Record your personal checklist using your eBird account. Just make sure you submit your checklists before the end of the month to enter that month's contest! Clicking any of the column headers (e.g. Sharing eBird checklists allows your media to be visible in your friends' checklists too, even if it is uploaded after sharing. There are two easy ways to share an eBird checklist with another eBird account. Share your checklist with Tahoma Audubon . Your checklists here are arranged by default with newest first, and are shown 25 to a page. A properly curated eBird checklist, I advised the students in ornithology class, often requires more time than being in the field. 1; 4 hr, 13 min; 4.21 mi; Submitted from eBird for iOS, version 2.3.8. STEP 2 Click share on the checklist you want to share . Sharing checklists with media. Keeping Group Accounts in eBird. However, they cannot edit or change your media, and you cannot change theirs. Message (optional) Share Checklist Cancel. Adding media items to a shared checklist follows the same process as adding media to a personal checklist. eBird used to have a tagline, “It will change the way you bird,” that I wish they hadn’t discarded. The other can be done after the fact, using a browser on a computer. The shared checklist location owner is listed when you click "Edit" next to the location in Manage My Locations. Checklist sharing can also be a useful way to aggregate eBird checklists on "eBird group accounts." Not only that, a properly eBirded field excursion absolutely requires a substantially revised approach to being in the field in the first place. Yes.

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