horizon organic milk

The government can't be trusted (i.e. Also Please Join the peaceful Falun Gong Movement. Hmm. or at least I thought I did. Where do you get your facts my flower friend? Which makes it even more difficult for these poor cows to step outside. Like is there more fat in it or what. We have also riden by the Horizon Farm on our last vacation but that farm is nothing like you described. The statement was about Horizon Organic PRODUCTS not just the milk. I googled 'best organic milk' and the first link was to a Mother Earth article which pointed to an organic dairy ranking done by an organic watchdog group called The Cornucopia Institute. Horizon is not honoring contracts with small farmers, but instead getting their milk from their OWN company mega-dairy. I was surprised to see Horizon rated with only one cow on a scale of five, and one of the cheaper Ralph's brands, Organic Valley, at 4 cows. And here's the punch line, taken directly from the USDA: "No distinctions should be made between organically and non-organically produced products in terms of quality, appearance, or safety.". I have a master's in dairy management, a bachelor's in dairy science. . Horizon tastes so much better than anything else sold here that it really doesn't matter. http://sites.google.com/site/integrityinbusiness/. Not because I believe you are evil, but because brainwashing is brainwashing, no matter what the content. These are just a few of the ridiculous claims twisted by this article. It is imperative that there are safe breeding flocks of sheep in the US. Grade A Reduced Fat Organic Milk, Chicory Root Extract †, DHA Algal Oil †, Choline Chloride †, Ascorbic Acid And Tocopherols (Vitamin C And Vitamin E To Help Maintain Freshness) †, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D3. I just started buying Horizon organic milk last week to see how different it tasted from regular milk. I took your advice and Googled some articles. A huge difference between Horizon and generic milk that I have noticed is that organic milk literally lasts for a month and a half, whereas generic expires in a week. There are plenty of non-organic farms that treat their cows better than organic farms (I've done vet work on 200+ different dairy farms...) and the issue is definitely not black and white nor can you say that all of the farms owned by one company treat their cows bad/good or are large/small. The access to pasture is a huge and important issue. I have been buying Horizons for a year thinking I was giving my child the best Organic milk out there. I highly recommend it to everyone reading this blog post. Typical whole milk has 2.5 mcg and 15% DV vitamin D. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, release 28. Lets be sensible. Would you want to be out on pasture on a hot summer day? And, consumers are willing to fork over a little more for that tomato. Pesticides are one example but would there not be bad after effects from organic fertiliser also? I've recently switched to organic milk because I did a comparison and noticed a significant differnce in taste. Our family also produces organic grass fed beef at Alderspring, so I'd like to comment about organic production from an organic producer's POV. For Horizon Milk to remain productive and profitable, they must keep their cows hooked up to the milking machines. Wise Bread is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Sigh. I like store milk too. As it turns out, antibiotics were never added to milk or were ever present in milk. Hydrogenated oils have just as much, if not more, to blame. Then, you went on an incredible rant against the labeling on this milk. I've heard not so great things about the big "organic" companies before. Maybe because I never had "reduced-fat" milk before. You use quotes. Give your family the goodness of Horizon ® organic whole milk, with 32 mg of DHA Omega-3 per serving. i'm pretty sure that all the studies i've heard referenced to are studies where they found significant differences between organically grown and non-organically grown. Horizon milk is indeed an organic product and uses only organic dairy from small family owned organic farms. this is what i read from michael pollan's Omnivore's Dilemma, a book he wrote based on much research and has referenced to in the book.

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