genetic traits in cattle

In Nutrition, On 25 Nov Additionally, some reproductive traits are threshold type, which does not present continuous phenotypic expression and makes genetic evaluations more difficult. Is India's position in the global dairy sector under threat? This should be expressed in clear breeding objectives that reflect the target market specifications. We’re fortunate that pastoralists are such skilled breeders,” Hanotte said. In Milking. Therefore, the objective of this study was to estimate genetic parameters for reproductive traits, such as age at first calving (AFC), calving interval (CI), rebreeding (REB), and stayability (STAY), of Brahman cattle by Bayesian inference in a bivariate analysis using linear-threshold animal model. Vet. Prod. Moreover, the convergence of the Markov chains were checked based on tests of Brooks, Gelman, and Rubin (Gelman and Rubin, 2006) and Geweke (1992) and criteria of Heidelberg and Welch (1983) by using the coda package (Plummer et al., 2006) of R software (R Development Core Team, 2011). B. S. Oliveira H. N. Van Melis M. H. Eler J. P. Rosa G. J. M. Ferraz J. The focus of selection has evolved over time, from increasing milk yield to improving milk solids and enhancing health and fertility traits. (In Portuguese.) The genome sequencing work yielded evidence that Indigenous pastoralist herders began breeding the Asian cattle, known as Zebu, with local breeds of cattle known as Taurine. All sources of genetic variation should be considered when planning a breeding program. Gene marker research is developing and there is progress towards identifying and examining genes that influence a range of important production traits involved with carcase and eating quality, reproduction, environmental adaptation and growth. These breeding objectives are typically addressed using selection indices, in which relevant traits are combined and weighted according to their economic importance. A line of Ugandan Ankole cows head homeward after a day grazing in the International Livestock Research Institute. Also, heritability, highest posterior density (HPD) intervals, and correlations estimated are shown in Table 3. Future selection programs will emphasize milk composition and quality, as well as, fitness traits and feed efficiency, given the raising concerns about dairy cow welfare and the environmental impacts of dairy farming. For the analysis of REB, contemporary group, calf birth year, and calf birth season were included in the model as fixed effects. Therefore, further studies to estimate genetic correlations between reproductive and productive traits are needed, given its importance for the genetic improvement of Brahman cattle. ILRI director general Jimmy Smith said it was important to understand that livestock breeding has long played a vital role in sustaining the health and wealth of African communities. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. The data set was provided by Brazilian Association of Zebu Breeders (Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil) and included Brahman cattle from states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo, Distrito Federal, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, and Goiás that were born between 1994 and 2012. A. Ramos S. B. Chud T. C. S. Lôbo R. B. Munari D. P. Eler J. P. Bignardi A. In particular, the Zebu offered traits that would allow cattle to survive in hot, dry climates typical in the Horn of Africa. For details see our. INTRODUCTION. SCIENTISTS have revealed of a new set of detailed genetic traits in African cattle that provide heat and drought tolerance, control inflammation and tick infestations, and resistance to devastating livestock diseases including trypanosomiasis. They provide a critical source of protein and micronutrients alongside income to pay for things like school fees.

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