fender classic series 50s stratocaster review

See All Fender Solid Body Electric Guitars Rated 5.0 / 5 by 9 customers! England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Just know that you are paying a premium. "He ended up designing a guitar that he brought to me as a possible 'Factory Special Run' and from that spark we decided a small special run would be short shrift for such a great concept, and that it should be fleshed out into an actual line of instruments. …weiterlesen, Hagstrom HJ800Fender Classic Player 60s StratocasterIbanez AS93-NTB. Ike was Frank Zappa’s right-hand co-writer and bandmate. To be honest I would have had absolutely NO idea this was used. The holiday season is finally here! This guitar is a favorite among many beginners. The Fender Standard single coils that come on this guitar are well-suited for many styles of music and will give you the classic Stratocaster sound you’re looking for. In this comprehensive review of the Fender Player Stratocaster, you’ll learn why this model is not only a great guitar but a great value for players of any level, from basic beginner to touring professional. There’s nothing like a versatile, playable guitar to inspire ideas and allow you to be creative, and this guitar will truly help all of that. All user reviews for the Fender Classic '50s Stratocaster. Wie lautet das Testfazit von »Gitarre & Bass«? In fact, a good amount of the most well-known rock, blues, and country songs were recorded with Stratocasters. My favorite radius, this 9.5” radius makes the fretboard round enough to fit in your hand well, but also flat enough to play correctly and accurately – a great mix of both. This is a very underrated guitar, and a great guitar in its own right in many ways. I was lured into this model because of the color and mystic of a 50's sounding strat. The setup was pretty nice right out of the box. Fender Classic '50s Stratocaster. BA1 1UA. This guitar is a great choice if you’re looking for something similar to a Stratocaster, but want a unique spin on it. Did a fair classical training, been playing guitar & bass for 35 years, drums for 30 years, sound-engineering and producing for about 20 years. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Stock and Custom Teambuilt guitars are pretty special in their own right, but to run your hands over a Masterbuilt guitar is an almost religious experience, and the idea behind the new range of Classic Player Fender Stratocasters is to try and bring some of this magic to the hugely popular mid-price Classic Series. We enjoyed the Squier Stratocaster and found it to be pretty close to the higher end guitars. The Custom Shop employs a small number of masterbuilders to apply their stratospheric skills to not only a selection of limited run guitars, but continuing output of Tribute models and custom-ordered one-offs. Second problem, there’s an indent in the guitar where the paint covered it. Ideal, like all Stratocasters, for fingerpicking too. As a long-time owner of both Mexican Player Series and American Standard versions, I can tell you that this Mexican Stratocaster is pretty much a perfect guitar all around. I went out on a limb and decided to go for the slick maple neck and fingerboard, over the years I have been a rosewood/ebony fingerboard man, and, I must admit I really like slick maple, very comfortable! There was a problem. I was very hesitant after previously buying a Limited Edition Mexican Strat through Amazon. From its comfortable neck and body, versatile tones and easy playability, there’s no other guitar that can do all the things I need and have all the tones that are in my head like a Stratocaster. In terms of value, the clear winner is the Fender Player Series Stratocaster. Aside from the example here, both the '50s and '60s Strat are only otherwise available with a sunburst finish and we do applaud the resistance of the temptation to offer the usual rainbow of hues. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Fender Classic Series '50s Stratocaster, Lacquer - Candy Apple Red w/ Maple Fingerboard Reviews. They feel low enough to not hinder your playing, yet tall enough for your fingers to grab the string when bending or using vibrato. Overall, I can confidently recommend theFender Player Series Stratocaster. C. Rich Stealth Chuck Schuldiner TributeMartin Guitar 000X1AETakamine TC132SCTakamine TH90Yamaha FG730SAlbert & Müller CL-1Ibanez EWB20WNE-NT. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, This is a very well-built guitar right here in America that has a great tone great feel and overall great versatility. Loving it so much I bought a 98 American Standard a few years later, and I can’t imagine anything else I’d ever want in a guitar. This is a big bonus when you rehearse or perform and don’t want the keep the line signal and noise-free as you can.

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