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Highly competitive tests for acceptance into the university track have been used in secondary education for more than 100 years in the UK, India and other former British Commonwealth/Empire countries, and European countries like France and Germany. While it is important to obtain the skills to solve problems correctly, it is just as important to communicate those solutions with others effectively in the modern era of instant communications. The main “accuracy” issues are with notation use and variation depending on the application/browser used. There are no problems here. Online Mathematics Textbooks by George Cain ; Related Links by William F. Trench (Trinity University) AIM Open Textbook Initiative by American Institute of Mathematics; Online number theory lecture notes and teaching materials; Open-culture list. This textbook is intended to cover the mathematics topics necessary to prepare pre-service elementary education majors to successfully teach K-6 students in the United States in alignment with current Common Core Math Standards. I found the presentation of the material to be objective and clear. There is no glossary, but a table is given. This seems to be a bit of a problem as exponents and square roots normally do not come in the first chapter of an Elementary Algebra textbook to the extent that they were used here. On page 4 it reads: "When studying mathematics, we focus on special sets of numbers. the book is written so it is easily understood. For example, in section 1.2 (adding and subtracting integers) good explanations are provided for how to add two integers. There is inconsistencies on the PDF version of the book. We never spam. I realize it's not a super-advanced sentence; nonetheless, most of my elementary algebra students would struggle to understand what is being said. The book uses color to determine step by step guidance which is extremely important to help my students follow along more easily while working on their own. Image used in cover by Robin Férand on 500px.com / CC BY 3.0 . Reviewed by Kristin Lassonde, Mathematics Faculty, Klamath Community College on 8/21/16, The book covers almost every topic one might use in the course and many topics which are frequently covered in the next course. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. It's not the grammar but the typesetting that hurts, as described elsewhere. The book covers a wide variety of topics, in detail that I cover in my current Algebra Prep 1, Algebra Prep 2 and Algebra Prep 3 course. Something went wrong. First, the PDF version of the book does not display content correctly. Fundamentals of Math (Levels 1-7) Algebra Explorations (Levels 1-7) Elementary Linear Algebra. The topics in the text are mostly presented in a logical and clear fashion. Statistics for Health and Social Sciences The disadvantages of having each section numbered is that it complicates re-ordering content. Another example is the placement of the radical symbol. The language is simple straightforward and presented clearly. The only indication that you are working with fractions is the numbers appear in smaller text than the other numbers not represented in fractional form. All terminology was used appropriately and accurately among the book. If a student can understand the why they are more apt to retaining vs. remembering a bunch of steps to get there. CK_12_Algebra_Explorations__Pre_K_through_Grade_7.pdf, applied-mathematics-by-example-exercises.pdf, linear-algebra-i-matrices-and-row-operations.pdf, statistics-for-health-life-and-social-sciences.pdf, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, CK_12_Algebra_Explorations__Pre_K_through_Grade_7_abbyy.gz, applied-mathematics-by-example-exercises_abbyy.gz, elementary-algebra-exercise-book-i_abbyy.gz, linear-algebra-i-matrices-and-row-operations_abbyy.gz, statistics-for-health-life-and-social-sciences_abbyy.gz, CK_12_Algebra_Explorations__Pre_K_through_Grade_7_daisy.zip, applied-mathematics-by-example-exercises_daisy.zip, elementary-algebra-exercise-book-i_daisy.zip, linear-algebra-i-matrices-and-row-operations_daisy.zip, statistics-for-health-life-and-social-sciences_daisy.zip, CK_12_Algebra_Explorations__Pre_K_through_Grade_7.epub, applied-mathematics-by-example-exercises.epub, linear-algebra-i-matrices-and-row-operations.epub, statistics-for-health-life-and-social-sciences.epub, CK_12_Algebra_Explorations__Pre_K_through_Grade_7_djvu.txt, applied-mathematics-by-example-exercises_djvu.txt, elementary-algebra-exercise-book-i_djvu.txt, linear-algebra-i-matrices-and-row-operations_djvu.txt, statistics-for-health-life-and-social-sciences_djvu.txt, CK_12_Algebra_Explorations__Pre_K_through_Grade_7.mobi, applied-mathematics-by-example-exercises.mobi, linear-algebra-i-matrices-and-row-operations.mobi, statistics-for-health-life-and-social-sciences.mobi, CK_12_Algebra_Explorations__Pre_K_through_Grade_7_jp2.zip, applied-mathematics-by-example-exercises_jp2.zip, elementary-algebra-exercise-book-i_jp2.zip, linear-algebra-i-matrices-and-row-operations_jp2.zip, statistics-for-health-life-and-social-sciences_jp2.zip, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). I will add comments or re-review this textbook after that. Theory, Course of linear algebra and Proof of that point is the number of unvetted Android and iOS apps created for A-levels, other levels in the "British" system. The book's relevance/Longevity is one of the strongest features. This was the first time I have seen this. The main problem that I saw was the order in which some of the concepts were introduced and used. he book is fairly useful in its modularity except in a few places where references to materials covered in the previous section(s) are mentioned.

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