eastern nc air dried sausage

Hot pudding is allowed to cool prior to being cut into blocks. When the greens are done, you remove the cooked Tom Thumb, slice and serve. I had worse job as kid. Souse gets a bad rap for its similarity to Nana’s pineapple lime Jell-O (minus the pineapple and the lime). Look for these products, which are always ready to go to work in your recipes. This western Carolina breakfast favorite is made by first water cooking lean pork meat and liver. Who knows? Ladies inside prepared the sausage casings and made the sausage. Hunter’s Liver Mush, Marion, NC We then smoke our Dry Sausage with Natural Pecan Wood Logs for over 5 days. Nahunta Pork Center, Raleigh, NC and Pikeville, NC: www.nahuntapork.com Scrapple is a cousin seated at the same table. Red hots have gained fame as an inexpensive, flavorful sausage. Lewis Sausage, Burgaw, NC: www.lewissausage.com Historically, to make C-loaf, chits are cooked in water, chopped, spiced, and allowed to cool. Now a shopping mecca and Arnold Palmer golf community. This one is straight out of Bizarre Foods. Most all those products above my grandfather made from his annual hog kill in November 50′- 60s. Later that afternoon big black kettle would cook the fat down to liquid which turn solid white when cooled. Mack’s Liver Mush, Shelby, NC Vannoy Country Ham, West Jefferson, NC: www.abvannoyhams.com Heck, try them all! Westwater Country Hams, Warsaw, NC Enjoy them like a hot dog, then cool down with some Cheerwine. In some parts of extreme northeast North Carolina, it is referred to as a Dan Doodle. Unfortunately, while I love the sausage at all three above locations, the nearest one is still too far away to really be convenient. Bass Farms Sausage, Spring Hope, NC: www.bassfarmsausage.com Today most ham is sold pre-sliced ready for the skillet. Head meats and skin are rich in a protein called collagen. Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Dana Hanson, the NC State Extension Meat Specialist and an associate professor in NC State’s Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences. However, suggesting they are meaty equals would invoke an online debate that would crash the internet! Carlie C’s IGA Grocery Stores across the state: www.carliecs.com They have a good, but not great, hot/mild regular sausage and no air dried sausage that I've seen. Philips Brother’s Country Ham, Asheboro, NC: www.phillipsbrotherscountryham.com Sugar Grove Country Hams / May’s Meats, Taylorsville, NC: www.sugargroveham.com In most public circles, C-loaf will not be considered gourmet. My local Carlie C’s (Fayetteville) carries the Tom Thumb. A hot dog or frankfurter is sometimes referred to at a red hot. There is just something about the lower GI tract of swine that gets little respect. BBQ, from east to west, is held in high regard, but there are many unique meat products that deserve recognition. These products are rare, but can be found in most down east meat markets. Neese’s Sausage, Greensboro, NC: www.neesesausage.com Acre Station Meat Farm, Pinetown, NC: www.acrestationmeatfarm.com. Carolina Pride, Greenwood, SC: www.carolinapride.com. Dry Sausage. T.L. The sausage is made without sugar so we may say that there is no fermentation. Mild or spicy hot, country pork sausage was destined to be paired with a piping hot buttermilk biscuit. Interestingly, demand for chitlins has driven production costs to the point where lower priced raw materials are now needed. All fields are required. Neese’s Sausage, Greensboro, NC: www.neesesausage.com Early 1900’s. Pender Packing, Rocky Point, NC: www.penderpacking.com I have tried the Piggly Wiggly in Ayden, which is my usual source for Southern items that I can't find in increasingly deracinated Greenville. Smith’s Red and White, Dortches, NC: www.smithsredandwhite.com Unfortunately, while I love the sausage at all three above locations, the nearest one is still too far away to really be convenient. Some of our fan favorites include our country hams, hot dogs, sausage products and our chitterlings (chitlins). An alternative form is linked pudding, which is stuffed into a natural hog casing prior to packaging. If you want that bird to be the centerpiece at your Friendsgiving table, follow Erika Nakamura (whole animal butcher) as she teaches us this technique.

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