drakon board game

For such transgression, a fiery death should be the only appropriate response — but Drakon has decided to toy with you before she devours you. This new edition of the classic board game of treasure, greed, and dragonfire places two to six players in the roles of rival heroes who have been caught stealing fr It's every man, woman, and dwarf for himself! This 3rd Edition of FFG's classic game features new components and artwork, including seven incredibly detailed plastic figures! You and your rival heroes have been caught in the act of stealing from Drakon's hoard, but she has decided to toy with you instead of eating you immediately. Drakon Rules Description: In Drakon you are an adventurer that has been captured trying to loot a dragon’s lair. You and your rival heroes will each be released into the labyrinth, and the Drakon is a simple, exciting, fast-paced game of greed and desperation for 2-6 players. Check also these board games: The game follows Rynn, a young woman with extraordinary martial skills, and an ancient dragon Arokh on their quest to free … This game looks good and plays quick. Reviews: Drakon. These are disturbing times of chaos and havoc. Regatul Jocurilor Drakon (fourth edition) - You have been caught looting the hoard of the dreaded Drakon. Drakon Pricewatch, buy the board game at the lowest price. Everyone else is lunch. Instead of just eating you all she decides to allow one adventurer to go free. Controlled Area Gaming Reviews Drakon. Board game review: Drakon. FFG product page. News, revies, videos and more about Drakon. Whoever is the first to collect ten gold from her magical dungeon may leave. Enter the dragon's lair in Drakon, a new edition of a classic board game of treasure and dragonfire for two to six players! Lord of the Dark Dragons rules over the continent causing panic and fear among its inhabitants. Build the dungeon, steal gold from your buddy, and come out alive! Forum All News. Drakan: Order of the Flame is an action-adventure video game developed by Surreal Software and published by Psygnosis in 1999. Enter the dragon's lair in Drakon!

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