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period. Elo should be part of the matchmaking It makes competitive almost unplayable the first weeks. I don't think so. Its a 150 RPM Hand Cannon with the accuracy of a 180 Precision Frame. maybe some fuc***** people dont want to make friends online and just want to have fun playing a game. Skill should be rewarded for skill, not handicaps. Ohh, I DARE BUNGIE TO TRY AND RESPOND TO MY POST, ILL BET THEY WONT SINCE THEY DON'T EVEN MONITOR THESE ROOMS. I'd imagine most players' experience is about the same. also special ammo limits are bull, should at least have 4 special shots. 1. Eastern Europe should not match up with western Europe. They just need to be taught a lesson. stop making solo players into group players. Its not my fault if ps4 systems cant handle your game with smooth gameplay and matchmaking on all matches then don't release the game on console period. [b]2. You refuse to listen to us. He is currently a Freelance writer for TheGamer and Game Rant. How would it work? This would be a great idea. The opposite is actually true for me. This change will not bring new people in, and will effectively discourage players who were thinking about giving comp a go, to take the plunge. Get it on Google play. Destiny 2 [edit | edit source] Ranks [edit | edit source] Destiny 2 Crucible includes two ranking systems: Valor and Glory. Many of Destiny 2's triumphs and weapon rewards are tied to Competitive Crucible Glory Ranks. As a solo play I was not thrilled about this grind. I've won quite a few matches in the competitive playlist. I'm surprised people haven't learned yet that Bungie just doesn't give a shit. Let comp have cosmetic items etc. Double this as it requires a win and a loss to get 8 points so the number is 525. Divide this by the 8 points and you get 262.5. Need anti-cheat in this game I looked at this Saturday’s player base. Today (3/5/19 - 2:15 PM Pacific), we've deployed a change to Destiny 2 that will re-tune the amount of Glory Rank points gained and lost in the competitive crucible playlist. What I can’t stand is trying so damn hard to climb the comp glory point system and to feel that I’m in a winning streak and to find out that one of the four team mates drops out at the first round and then it’s a one sided battle for the rest of the match. Ik back in the day, I played Halo 3 24/7 and its ranked playlist only allowed single players, so u can't form a fireteam and stomp other people. Again, I feel like this would actually work towards having people creating even stronger teams that would in time work towards getting to Legend. When you reach a milestone your points should never go below that milestone. For the normal to good players it doesn’t help at all. Soliciting/Plagiarism/Phishing/Impersonation, This site uses cookies to provide you with the best possible user experience. of publishing. Why else have they not banned those players? There's also an incentive to getting better, because you'll know that you're not going any further because all the other teams are better than yours. You tied the gun to something that is getting harder and harder to achieve and you only made it easier for 4 stacks, carries and elite. Ace of Spades, Last Word, and even Malfeasance are solid choices for players that want to use an Exotic for this step. In Destiny 2, your knife isn’t quite that powerful, but it’s still a crucial part of your arsenal. That's identical to what it was before the "patch". Destiny is a team game and an endgame activity is always an example of this design ( raids, nightfall, and comp). No one team should climb the wall of skill on the backs of others if someone drops. Let's begin: There was 1mil-1.2mil playing at the beginning of black armory and hovered around 6-800k in January 2019. Guardians playing Crucible matches will earn points towards their seasonal rank. Finding teammates for the "Reconstruction" step is also a good idea. You regain some of your points to a max of 5 coins. Before the update you would have had to play 1050 games. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DestinyTheGame community. Here's a recommendation: create a solo only competitive playlist. Players that struggled before are still going to struggle and seeing the double point loss hits you even harder and mentally stops you from playing. So either do this and tune the amount of points one wins to go in line with this change, or do something along these lines: [/b] Class: Dawnblade (Attunement of Sky) Armor: 5-4-4 (Transversive Steps) Kinetic: Relentless (Headseeker Perk, Range Masterwork) Energy: Traveler's Judgment Power: Orewing's Maul. LOL Your role as a moderator enables you immediately ban this user from messaging (bypassing the report queue) if you select a punishment. If they quit matches, this will just make it apparent to the guys who are about to lose a ton of points, that staying in comp might be a waste of time because of how penalized they are for losing - and people quitting happens a ton. Players will need 100 precision final blows with Hand Cannons in Competitive to complete "The Upward Turn.". Game materials copyright Bungie. Rumble isn’t comp and that would make comp way too toxic. They simply don't want the majority of players to get anywhere, that way they have to keep playing endlessly. Hey dmg, and World Systems Team, Hey! If you win, you make progress. Rumble is Destiny's "free-for-all" mode, and Valor points are doled out equally to the top three players in each match. 2. You IMMEDIATELY stop the whole match and give all the remainding contestants a radom rare “blue” item or some crucible tokens. Because there no stacked teams and a lot of people need there hands holding while playing competitive. RELATED: Destiny 2: The 10 Most Important Things To Get Before They Get Archived. 3. This would solve everything. Rumble absolutely should affect your glory rank. - Every week have two-four guns to each crucible playlist: rumble, QP, and comp. Competitive Here have a downvote for been sensible and making good suggestions. And as the amount of points you win/lose as you get to higher tiers of glory gets solely dependent on winning streaks to be able to reach higher Glory ranks, the issue persists: a huge, stressful grind to get anywhere, and losing hurts twice as bad. Maintaining win streaks is the most important part of quickly grinding rank. It’s horrible to feel that the loss of points that is not your fault but the fault of someone else. Also sweats won't be a factor as they will be against each other. Still low for a release week of a dlc. 4. Daily KD history tracker together with realtime KD, Recent game results and Current guardian loadout and weapon rolls We’ve got laggers, cheaters, quitters, players afk, lag switching, DDOS’ing, shitty hit registration, forced fireteam fetish, paid carries and the worst matchmaking in gaming history. - All guns from PVP, Banshee, and World drops should be used for this bounty system. Would sort of solve the needing win streaks solo thing. Now that we know what we're levelling, it's time to get down to business. Hand Cannons with high aim assist like Ace of Spades and Spare Rations help with this step tremendously. Edit It’s plain common sense. Its not to challenge people or to make people "work hard" for pinnacle weapons they are painful enough to get. How is this adjustment going to bring in more people to play competitive and you announce it on a forum? Bungie started rolling out Pinnacle weapons with Season 3 of Destiny 2. ban me I don't care dummies, Since there are a lot of laggers and hackers and people that just get out of the match u need to change the system to win = points lose u get zero there are a lot of solo players out there who don’t have a chance no matter what k/d they hv. But that's a talk for another day. Read More: Destiny 2 Season 10 LEAKS: Release Date, Road Map, Price, Name And Everything You Need To Know. I feel like this change would also enable teams who are practicing their team play and trying different loadouts, to stay in comp without being afraid of losing points because they are practicing or trying something different. It’ll allow individual players who win 50-60% of their games to still advance. Comp is a team based game mode if you are actually trying to earn the pinnacle weapons. Go out there and get 'em, Guardians. This may take some time... ....maybe i'm the oddball. I've won quite a few matches in the competitive playlist. I had a 50 in Lone Wolves, Swat, and Slayer. Bungie logic . But tten they won't get pub stomped and we can't have that! No more money from me ever!!! whats the point of activating it then? Take care, and keep up the great work! It's a powerful weapon that every PvP player should own. Before jumping into Competitive and progressing through Glory ranks, players should first make sure they have the quest in their inventory. To complete the "Shock and Denial" portion of the quest, players must complete 10 Competitive matches. This combination makes it almost impossible for normal teams to ever think it's worth even trying - especially when you have teams with Not Forgottens running the higher ranks. Also that ranked playlist also featured rumble, It was called lone wolves, not rumble. First of all what everybody says.

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