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Later, the existence of another Earth was known as well where the heroes' counterparts were villains and vice versa. The New Gods have shown an interest in this world, as they are concerned about the impending threat of the resurrection of Darkseid. A Crisis emerged as a result whereby many universes were destroyed, but the Anti-Monitor was defeated at the cost of almost the entire Monitor race. The "Dark Multiverse" stories revisit this realm, with mutated versions of Superman, Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane. Superman is then imprisoned in the Phantom Zone though he swears to return, while the Batman convinces Kara that she can be a hero like her cousin had once been. There are many retcons and inconsistencies regarding these characters after the acquisition by DC Comics. At the end of the crossover, Brainiac sent these heroes back to their own timelines, and also successfully sent Zero Hour Hal Jordan, pre-Flashpoint Superman and other heroes back to the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths so that the collapse of the Multiverse could be averted. "Nightmare" Earth is the vampiric metahuman-dominated Earth-43. As revealed by Red Racer, both DC Comics and Major Comics are well known on this world. Many stories and situations of other Universes were not followed well. Ideas created by ordinary human minds (namely, comic book writers) become reality in other worlds of the Multiverse. The Wildstorm Universe was part of a larger multiverse but was separated after a multiversal cataclysm, forming a multiverse of its own (Shattered Image). Such was their existence, until one of their kind turned against the others and became the Anti-Monitor. The realm of Morpheus the Dream-King where the courts of Faerie and Gemworld exist. This time, not all universes were revealed right away, only a couple were revealed in the first two years of The New 52. However, there was contact with realities that existed outside the Universe such as those from Marvel, Milestone and Wildstorm. 52 identical worlds are created to liberate such energy. As an adult, he became a feared mercenary, able to sneak undetected and kill without remorse. In the end of Infinite Crisis, the multiverse is merged back as a New Earth with a new continuity with many stories re-written and many others from the Modern Age still happening. Older and bitter versions of the Modern Age Justice League protect this world, which is similar to that of. Void destroys the now-corrupted universe in order to recreate it (Captain Atom: Armageddon). A universe where magic has a major role in the development of civilizations rather than science. The army of Multiverse Batmen contained various iterations of the Batman from different media adaptions, such as from The Batman, the DC Animated Universe, the 1960s Batman TV series, and Batman Beyond. A classic take on the Fawcett Comics characters. Look for the checkmark and saved the figures your own to your digital collection. It has been contacted using radio equipment. Described as a world with a "permanent magical twilight", this is the homeworld of Etrigan the Demon from the planet Kamelot who fights evil as Superdemon, along with the members of the League of Shadows. Taking advantage of the fact that many of these universes were mostly unchronicled or merely glimpsed and that Final Crisis also changed the Multiverse slightly, many stories featuring alternate worlds and their interactions were published, which led certain inconsistencies and retcons to appear, such as Earth-1 being originally a "mirror" of Earth-One and later being the reality of J. Michael Straczynski's Superman: Earth One or Earth-16 being the home of an alternate Superman/Christopher Kent, the home of the Super-Sons, and later the reality of the Young Justice TV series. This led to a new crisis to address the problem: the Zero Hour. Homeworld of Harrison "Wells the Grey" Wells. His steadfast hope drew the attention of a Blue Lantern power ring, which saved the planet by turning the dyi, From birth, Thom Kallor had the ability to affect the weight of objects by pulling gravitational forces from the stars. Known as Elongated Man, REAL NAME: Beatriz Bonilla Da Costa [1] Krona was the man who is responsible for its creation along with the Anti-Matter Universe, the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor. It is also known as the. Across this multiverse, there are other Earths featured in the series including: In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, a kind of "multiverse" is referenced in the episodes "Deep Cover for Batman!" Clark Kent, Princess Diana and Barry Allen receive power rings as well. It was destroyed, along with the "first" Modern Age Legion of Super-Heroes, during the Zero Hour. Barry Allen does note that they do share celebrities, such as singer Mariah Carey and writer Alexandre Dumas, who wrote The Three Musketeers. The Light Brigade: Savior, Herculina, Radman, Formula-I, Ghostman, Goodfellow, Stingray, Master Motley, Cutie. As time passes, he establishes a new world order, with himself as the High Councilor. The following is a short list of the most notable universes in the Multiverse. The WildStorm comic book series Planetary also introduced the concept of a multiverse, drawing upon the mathematical concept known as the Monster group for inspiration. At first it seemed that there was not going to be a naming convention for the Earths as it happened with the 52. While in the comic books the concept of a "real" Multiverse was avoided, the Multiverse played an important role in cartoon series and live-action shows (see Other versions). For unspecified reasons in 1986, this Earth was destroyed and was considered a dead Earth. Homeworld of the Society of Super-Heroes (Doc Fate, Lady Blackhawk, the Immortal Man, Green Lantern (Abin Sur), the Mighty Atom, and the Bat-Man. As its sole keeper, the lone Orange Lantern uses his power to build an army of constructs based on bei, Metron is a New God of mysterious origin who travels through space and time using his Mobius Chair. Throughout his career Ocean Master's deepest desire has been to steal the throne o, Long ago, a man committed an unspeakable sin in an attempt to satisfy his incredible greed. The only survivor of their race was Nix Uotan, who detected a new Crisis emerging from an unknown menace who made use of corrupted Monitor technology and struck at Earth-48. Each figure profile is packed full of info including series, year, community rating, and much more. Web design and collecting Marvel Legends and other action figures. DC Comics' writers in this world knew that the Multiverse was real and that they could control events in it. The Multiverse had countless[10] duplicates of planet Earth. The Marvel Family (Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., Mary Marvel) and an alternate Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. Some issues in the two series from April 1996 and June 1997 (such as. Later, a scientist from one universe named Kell Mossa (known initially only as Pariah) created another device that would allow him to attempt the same thing Krona had attempted before. Its society seems to be dominated by a philosophy of selfishness and greed. He also tells Kara that he is tired of holding back for fear of hurting others, as he believes it is that fear that led to Lois' death. It is unclear if they are part of their own respective Earths, or if they would get their own specific designations. The recreated universe became part of the newly recreated DC Universe. On this world. President Lex Luthor murdered the Flash on this world. In the Flashpoint miniseries (May–September 2011), the Flash alters the timeline of Earth-0 creating a ripple effect that affected several past events, Earth-13 (Vertigo Universe) and Earth-50 (new Wildstorm Universe). The Justice Guild: Superwoman, the Batwoman, Wondrous Man, Aquawoman, Jesse Quick, Power Man, Star Sapphire, Zatara. The first of the 7 Unknown Worlds that are yet to be revealed. Events and characters on Earth-C-Minus were considered fictional on Earth-C (with Captain Carrot's alter-ego employed as the. Ralph Dibny created and consumed a highly concentrated version of the rare Yucatan "gingo" fruit, which granted him the powers of extreme elasticity and malleability. Clark is a bloodthirsty tyrant whose persona is Ultraman. It has other alternate Bizarro versions of the Earth-0 universe's characters and worlds: Adam Familiar from Nnar; the Tramian Snitch from the overpopulated Sram; a flightless Bizarro Manhawk from Raganaht; the Dismissers of the Universe from Ao; etc. As punishment for his crimes he is cursed to walk the earth for all eternity as a stranger to man and a witn, Created to protect Russian airspace from foreign intruders, the Rocket Reds are soldiers sporting powerful armored battle suits that grant them the ability to fly, shoot plasma blasters, and use mecha, When their sun began to die, the people of Astonia turned to their priest, Bro'Dee Walker.

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