cost of alcohol on norwegian cruise line

As you can imagine, the cruise line has its list of rules about their drink packages. Do you still serve Miller Lite on your cruises? Packages may not be shared and are non-transferable and non-refundable.” Maybe if the two people sharing the stateroom used different methods of payment for the cruise (two credit cards), then maybe that would be a work-around for the drinker to avoid paying what amounts to double. }); I’m the editor and creator of, and I travel the world without flying.  I hope to entertain, inform, advise and inspire you to experience the world at “see” level.  Be sure to enjoy a local meal and a glass of wine along the way. Mostly, because you’re on vacation! COST:  $5.95 USD per person per day plus 20% gratuity and beverage service charge. Norwegian Cruise Line is renaming its popular drink package and introducing a second, more-inclusive program. Miami-based Norwegian Cruise Line has announced a ban on bringing aboard liquor, beer and non-alcoholic drinks, including water, soda and juice, in carry-on and checked bags, starting July 15. Norwegian Cruise Line Drink Packages Details Premium Beverage Package . Norwegian Cruise Line does not appear to … Norwegian Cruise Line Alcohol Policy. It is for at least one of the world’s biggest big-ship cruise operators, Norwegian Cruise Line. What we quickly discovered is that while the boats have gotten larger and offer more options for dining and activities over the years, these changes have come with quite a few hidden (or at least unexpected) costs. If you want to purchase a bottle of wine, a 20% discount will be applied. There’s not a much worse way to end a cruise than to get the final bill and go into shock for what you’ve spent on drinks. Carnival Cruise Line, however, will only permit guests to bring one bottle of wine or champagne on board. You’re thinking “seasons” to visit Paris, right? Norwegian offers five drink packages. From there, in the left-hand column, choose Beverage Packages. But before you decide to test your tolerance to extreme cold, here's what you need to know. Norwegian Cruise Line’s Premium Beverage Package (formerly known as the Ultimate Beverage Package) includes a variety of spirits, cocktails, wines by the glass and bottled or draft beer. The two biggies that are included are the Ultimate Beverage Package and the Ultimate Dining Package. To help you decide, I’ve also included the Premium and new Premium Plus beverage package menus. Drinking ages and corkage fees are also discussed as well as other alcohol … Before you decide to purchase one of these, read over the rules so there are no surprises once you’re onboard. Yes, even with the almost-yearly increases in the cost of drink packages, if you like more expensive wine, or simply drink a whole lot of beer, you’re probably better off with an all-inclusive drink package. Can you bring alcohol on NCL? Especially if you do the math. I checked the list of beverages for the Premium Drink Package but all I can deduce is that maybe sparkling like a prosecco might be available. Is Norwegian’s beverage package really worth the cost? Even before the hike, Norwegian’s drink package was among the highest price among the mainstream cruise lines. Here’s direct from NCL website: “Packages must be purchased by all qualifying individuals residing in the stateroom or additional staterooms under the same method of payment for the entire length of the cruise. Why would they have to purchase an alcohol drink package if they don’t drink? Last week, our cruise ship lawyers here at LMAW talked about Norwegian Cruise Line’s new all-inclusive alcohol sailings, where the ship will include alcohol in the ticket price for select three- and four-day itineraries on the Norwegian Sky.We discussed how alcohol has often played a role in cruise passenger accidents and injuries – sometimes even leading to fatal alcohol poisoning. That will take you to Explore & Plan. Welcome to my Disney Cruise drinks page. Norwegian Cruise Line Starting in January, the Miami-based cruise line will include wine, beer, spirits and soda up to $11 in the cost of the cruise fare on Norwegian Sky, which sails three- … We like champagne. Maltings Norwegian Drink menu. Sherry. If I were you, I would simply ask the bartender. It will be automatically added to your account. Lavazza coffee beverages, energy drinks and drinks from vending machines are also not part of the package. We purchased 2 adult drink packages on NCL and 2 Teen drink packages for our 15/16yr olds. When it comes to Norwegian Cruise Lines, they offer a unique take on the cost of Internet on the ship. And besides, it must be really nice to say, “I’ll take another” to the waiter instead of doing the mental math and thinking about end-of-cruise sticker shock. I hope this is helpful. Just a suggestion. What it includes: Beer, wine by the glass, mixed drinks, specialty cocktails, soda, juices, nonalcoholic cocktails, energy drinks, specialty coffees, teas and bottled water. This includes all of the same sodas as above. You might want to contact your travel agent who booked your cruise or reach out to Norwegian and see what happens. } The drinking age on NCL's ships is 21 for most itineraries; it's 18 for sailings that operate round trip from European or Australian ports (though for beer and wine only).

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