concert ukulele size

This ukulele is the smallest in size, with a standard length of 21 inches. You can still hear the distinct bright sounds of a soprano ukulele to a concert ukulele… Ukulele Sizes – Soprano, Concert, Tenor & Baritone. Size. On the other hand, the Tenor Ukulele … There are few instruments as easy to just pick up and play as the humble ukulele. The chief difference between a concert ukulele and soprano ukulele is the size of their neck. Usually tuned the same as the soprano ukulele, the concert serves well as a beginner instrument and the next step in a ukulele player’s education. Concert ukulele: The standard tuning of a concert ukulele is also G-C-E-A. This type of ukulele is slightly larger than the soprano size, at around 23 inches. Specifically, the neck of a concert ukulele is more extensive than its little counterparts. Concert ukuleles are often priced closely to similar soprano ukuleles. So, it is the best bet for the common sizes and it is a golden mean if you willing to have it. by Lawrence Witt on July 20, 2017 Share. Sometimes called an alto ukulele, the concert ukulele is very close in size with the soprano. Concert. With a few chords memorized, … Both ukuleles differ 3 inches in size, with the tenor being the bigger size. Size is the first noticeable difference between the concert and tenor. The Concert Ukulele Size offers some more spaces for the fingers of the musician and it also volume higher than the soprano. While there isn’t a standard size for each ukulele, the average size … 1. Tenor ukulele: Like soprano and concert ukuleles, the tenor ukulele … You can quickly tell which is bigger or smaller by merely looking at them.

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