bulgogi burger near me

Then we order bacon and cheese fries. The fries were a bit too salty for my liking but that could be just me. $14.50. We got the Cinnamon Toast Crunch shake and it was so good. We both were impressed with the bulgogi beef topping our burgers. It adds up when you have to order items separate from each other because they don't have meals like a lot of other places. Im interested in coming back to give it another whirl on something different but not too often as i dont want to become a fat ass. The guys there seemed nice but I will not be returning! But the guys behind the counter seems informative and i have to try the Bulgogi Burger ive been eyeing pics of for over a week. No joke. Ben Donath T: +49 176 63 05 47 81 E: post@eateryberlin.com. * 75¢ extra charge for additional orders of our house-made sauces and $1.75 for wing & tartar sauce trios** Out of consideration for everyone:  Substitutions slow down orders. We got the bulgogi burger and the A1 w an egg! WORST BURGER EXPERIENCE!!! The price can sneak up on you. I got the bulgogi burger and it was phenomenal! A benefit of eating at an empty restaurant. Next time, I'll try the chicken and beer...and maybe at one of their other many spots scattered throughout the city :). The atmosphere is fun and laid back, the service is great, and the food and drinks are so delicious! My boyfriend got the Bulgogi burger with an extra patty and that was even more massive! OPEN 5 DAYS A WEEK. Today I tried the Bulgogi Burger with egg and garlic parmesan fries for my side. The potato on a stick was really good but unfortunately everything was underwhelming. I would say that this location isn't as conveniently located as the other one, but I think that was the reason for the exceptional experience we all had there. Bulgogi beef is actually a Korean style marinated beef. That's unheard of in a town where even a cheap lunch averages $11-12.Overall, this is a great place to find a delicious and unique burger. Ingredients seem fresh and the combinations are good but not gourmet good like a Bachi. I used to go to The Lab fairly regularly and raved about their burgers (I always got the Bulgogi Burger). I thought it was a Salvadoran restaurant that served burgers because you need the appeal to your audience and Salvadoran food isn't a grab like burgers are. We were seated quickly, given a basket of homemade chips and salsa (delicious), and less than 15 minutes after we placed our order, we had 3 perfectly cooked burgers with steaming hot fries! The space is small, so be prepared if you're claustrophobic. Menu may not be up to date. Of course I love fluffy and slightly sweet buns but I thought I give it a go and try out a patty made of udon pasta. My friends and I love coming here to split food and drink the flavored soju! Bulgogi is a Korean dish of meat that is marinated in a sweet and salty marinade and then cooked over fire. The third actor of this dish and surely not to underestimate is the bun. The dumplings were a miss for me, but I probably shouldn't have too high expectations for dumplings at a chicken place. Immediately after opening the takeout container I had to transfer the burger to a plate because the bottom bun was already soaked. Next thing you know, the food arrived and we're told by the owner that he tried his best to pick out all of the onions for her! Burger Tex: The Korean BBQ or bulgogi burger is to die for!!! They don't seem to have an interest in repeat customers anymore. We were given the opportunity to sit any where. It's bigger than it looks. But basically you just show them a picture on IG and they'll make it for you, even tweak it for you if you wanted to add or subtract items. Nun den Knoblauch schälen und fein hacken, dann alle Zutaten vermengen und bis zum servieren durchziehen lassen. The burgers looked awesome when they came out. We weren't even sure the place was open when we pulled into the parking lot. I would definitely recommend ordering the wings, which are fresh and perfectly crispy and flavorful on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. I had the bulgogi burger and garlic parmesan fries and it was amazing. Spread some cream cheese on each udon patty and put a bulgogi beef on top. This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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