birch mattress vs avocado

The difference is that unlike the Avocado, it does not include the option to upgrade to white glover delivery service. Because the Birch mattress, with the addition of the pillow-top, is close to medium in firmness, we think couples may really like this bed, especially couples who struggle to agree on a mattress. We think Avocado feels similar to Birch due to its similar latex and innerspring layers, but Avocado is slightly firmer because it omits the wool layer. Starting with the organic cotton cover, this layer is breathable and naturally keeps the temperature of the entire mattress cooler. By law, all mattresses have to have a fire retardant and often that means they are sprayed with a chemical fire-proofing agent, but wool is a great alternative. Birch uses high quality wool in two layers: the batting base layer and the thick comfort layer at the top. The long lasting durable steel is also reinforced around the edges and allows plenty of air flow. This certification verifies that the mattresses were made with low emissions and low exposure to chemicals and pollutants. It’s use of all natural, green materials, naturally keep the bed cooler, while the coil system itself is ideal for warm sleepers because it allows empty space for heat to escape around the coils. On the very top is the organic cotton mattress cover, but just beneath that is a thin layer of wool. Mattress Comparison Amerisleep vs. Purple Mattress Comparison. The Birch is evenly matched with its free shipping & returns, 100 night sleep trial and 25 year warranty. The Avocado mattress is as natural as its name. You can also rest assured that sustainability does not decrease durability or support; you’ll still get all of these benefits and more from your all natural Birch mattress. Both Birch and Avocado have received Greenguard Gold certification from UL Environment, a third-party regulation group. Unlike mattresses constructed from synthetic materials, natural mattresses don’t give off that chemical “new mattress” smell, or “off-gas” when first removed from the box. Even if that answer s just for you to decide, its true that the Birch has solid and durable edges that can be fully utilized for sleeping, and that are easy to get in and out of. Including some of our most popular including the Puffy vs Purple, Casper vs Tuft & Needle, Avocado vs Awara and Puffy vs Puffy Lux. The Avocado mattress is the best premium natural hybrid mattress there is on the market. Avocado, however, does have experience centers in New Jersey and California. Birch comes with a 100 night trial window, while Avocado gives you a full year, 365 days. If you share your bed with somebody, what are both of your body types and sleeping styles? Another reason we like latex hybrid mattresses is because they are made with such responsive materials (latex and springs), they will quickly pop right into shape when you unbox them, unlike, say, memory foam, which might take a few days to fully expand. There are two main processes to create natural latex foam: Dunlop and Talalay. Next comes the support layers. Wool fibers have a natural elasticity which makes them durable and resilient while maintaining breathability and moisture wicking. The certified Joma New Zealand wool is just about as good as it gets. Now that you’ve learned a bit more about how these mattresses are made and what sets them apart from one another, you have a job to do: choose one. Even as their new, natural option, the Birch still upholds all the standards of the Helix brand. As part of the natural process, the individually pocketed coils of the Birch mattress are manufactured right in the U.S. If you don’t like the mattress within the time allotted, you can return it for a full refund. Browse our mattress comparisons. I like their return policy, and the organic materials they use. Using the wool batting as a base for the springs ensures that the other layers have a sturdy and durable foundation. The Birch mattress is a hybrid latex mattress that uses genuine Talalay latex. The Avocado brand is stringent about only using non toxic, non hazardous materials, so if you do notice a smell, consider it a “fresh” not a noxious one. These materials are a double-edged sword, however, because they can be pretty heavy, so we recommend having an extra person around to help the set up process go smoothly. No? They do this voluntarily because they know that, though they strive for the most energy efficient and eco-friendly materials and production methods, the production and distribution of their products still generates some carbon dioxide emissions. All Right Reserved, series of practical, hands-on inspections and assessments, with utmost commitment to, Supports all body types from petite to heavy, Somewhat pricey, comparative to non-organic mattresses, Not as ideal for petite sleepers without investing in a topper, Might be too firm for those looking for a soft mattress, Not as ideal for petite sleepers without investing in a topper to bring it to a more medium-firm. Thanks for visiting the Slumber Yard! To use Our Sleep Guide's Mattress Comparison Tool, choose 2 or more mattresses from the dropdown below. Once that box is through your door, however, the unboxing process is pretty simple: just pull and unroll. With the Avocado mattress, there’s no need to settle because you get two options. The product links are referral based and if you purchase an item we make a small commission. Those who sleep hot often have a hard time finding a bed that will keep them cool enough to sleep comfortably. It isn’t a mattress that is necessarily actively working to cool you down, if you want something like that, check out our list of cooling mattresses. This is because for the first time ever you get materials that are durable, long lasting, and resilient, but also sustainable and natural. In the Green Mattress, Avocado uses wool sourced from India, providing softness and acting as fire retardant. Well, keep in mind that you spend hours and years with your mattress, so buying a mattress that is going to last a long time and will provide the kind of comfort and support that you need is an investment that we think is pretty wise. We admire both brands for committing to clean, green products and giving back to the environment. Natural and organic mattresses have become an increasingly popular corner of the mattress industry. Start with our mattress finder quiz. Learn more in our in-depth Birch Mattress Review. This is because the Dunlop latex immediately absorbs any vibrations, and since the coils are individually wrapped in fabric, this reduces any motion in the coil system. The Avocado works well with or without a frame, an adjustable bed, platform or slatted bed. So if your significant other has a tendency to roll or kick in their sleep, you won’t feel much of that movement on the other side of the bed. Birch certainly uses high-quality materials and abides by policies that value the environment, but Avocado goes above and beyond to ensure that every scrap of materials used in their mattress is as sustainable and high-quality as it can be. This wool is sustainably sourced in New Zealand and has received certification from the PGG Wrightson Wool Integrity Program. Latex foam, because it is a naturally airy and porous, coupled with moisture-wicking wool and breathable cotton, makes this mattress great at temperature regulation. Their flagship Green Mattress is an organic latex hybrid mattress that doesn't skimp . Avocado, just like Birch, uses 8” of American-made coils to provide support and spring to their mattress. The Slumber Yard is owned by Red Ventures. This combo of materials creates a consistent and supportive feel that is strong enough to contour to your body without your back bowing. Read our Mattress Buying Guide. It is actually pretty insane, once you get your mattress unboxed and set up, to think that something so sturdy and resilient was ever able to fit in a box small enough to easily make it through your front door.

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