big bud autoflower

$95.16-+ Blueberry x Big Bud Autoflower - 8 Pack. Indoor growth could get you a bud yield of about 400 to 600 grams per square meter. As to its effect upon smoking, don’t use it too very hard. Did not experiment with nutrients. 420 communities of the world are in agreement that Northern Lights and Big Bud are amongst the top strains available, and breeders couldn’t really go wrong … Thus, it’s not recommended for starting growers. General Blueberry x Big Bud is an Indica-heavy strain that offers a great combination of mental and physical effects. … As its name says, it’s an entirely incredible auto-flowering variety for its ‘bulk’ features. It’s a statement that we regularly use when we crave and want something for more. The original feminised strain became such a great seller due to its prodigious capacity to produce great yields of high-quality, relaxing and flavoursome buds. Like most auto-flowering strains, Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto is a fast grower. Its growing span from seed to harvest is approximately 60 to 70 days depending on the number of nutrients being placed into it. Big Bud was one of the first commercial strains, this medium high plant was … White Widow x Big Bud has the capability of growing both indoors and outdoors and performing well. Life cycle autoflower. This is another great choice for outdoor auto growers. Likewise, its recommended to grow this plant outdoors during summer days (July to August) to ensure attaining a maximum bud yield and high THC content. Required fields are marked *. Big Bud Auto was created by crossing Skunk #1 and Big Bud with Northern Lights #1 and assures huge quantities of buds for both medicinal and recreational use. This plant is perfect for relief and relaxation at the end of a tiring day after work. It does not have a high CBD, but Big Bud is huge for those who are suffering from pains and aches, as well as dealing with stress and anxiety issues, including PTSD, and depression. Both the Northern Lights and the Big Bud are coffee shop classics that have been uniquely brought together in this crossing, after which an Indica ruderalis hybrid has been created. It has a strong Indica side that has … Big Bud auto is another XXL auto from the Seed Stocker collection. Its height is unknown, though it’s expected that this strain won’t grow much since its an autoflowering plant. $267.64-+ Add to Cart. Bud yield is important to every grower. It’s a good strain yet not entirely for beginners. It’s a hybrid (50% Sativa and 50% India) that has a big bushy appearance upon its continuous growing phase noted on its strong potency and body effect after use. Blue Dream Autoflower. This strain is recommendable for beginners. Home; Tag Archives: autoflower Germinating Old Cannabis Seeds. The strain is suitable for growing during sunny and temperate climate conditions. THC levels are high, 22% or more, but the XXL harvests are one of the key attractions of this variety. It’s a good strain to keep you relaxed and positive, always in a good mood. As its name says, it’s an entirely incredible auto-flowering … Auto White Widow x Big Bud is now available as an automatic flowering version of our world best seller, White Widow x Big Bud. As its name says, it’s an entirely incredible auto-flowering variety for its ‘bulk’ features. It has no-after smell during cultivation and thus, suitable for discreet cultivation. Blueberry x Big Bud … It is suitable for any kind of crops and … But nonetheless, cultivation with it could be a hassle. Your email address will not be published. They’re more profitable, easy to grow, and readily accessible with a lot of possibilities for it. These Autoflower Blue Dream seeds are a sativa-dominant hybrid originating in Ca.. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Light burns on tips (maybe didn't raise lights often enough?) The truth is that it’s not. This strain has an outstanding THC level reaching as much as 24%. "First grow auto Big bud & Northern light" cannabis grow journal. Big Bud is one of the world’s most appreciated strains, an Indica Sativa hybrid with a smooth smoke and durable happy high effect. It has very dense buds, though a bit taller than a typical auto-strain. Marijuana Growers: Is Your Hydroponics Store Really on Your Side? Fruity. This auto-flowering version made this strain a decent upgrade of two high-quality strains. A hybrid cross grown in herb heaven, Northern Lights x Big Bud Autoflower combines the very best qualities of her predecessors - which are both legendary in their own right. A perfect in a cannabis enthusiast eyes, they’re small, quick growing and produce a lot of buds! that will give you the best yields. It has incredible bud yield that could vary depending on where you cultivate the plant. It will truly deliver that euphoria and at the same time, give you an extreme convenience on getting many buds quick. 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