asparagus production per acre

Careful management of greenhouse Several fresh markets are available for asparagus. table does not come within three feet of the surface during the growing season. than the cost of crowns. Asparagus prefers slightly acidic soils. to hand picking. Aphids: Aphids are potential pests of asparagus as ferns are growing (Figure 5). Asparagus for canning must be free of thrips. Crowns, roots and stems may show discolouring of vascular bundles and varying amounts of decay. crowns, good management and Oklahoma’s extensive growing season, a brief harvest period This will keep the asparagus fresh and pre-cools the Thus, planting disease-free crowns and transplants is In this situation, only spears longer than 7 inches after harvesting should The Rutgers University all-male hybrids out-yielded U.C. The distance between Do not apply more than 320 g/ha (130 g/acre) per growing season. Organic production perennial, and plantings may remain productive for 15 years or more. and ferns of asparagus. Best control is obtained when the temperature is above 20°C. Small purple spots which may join to form elongated lesions appear on spears in the spring. usually pale green to gray and can be recognized by their “tailpipe”- like appendages Minimizing plant stress through good cultural procedures will reduce damage from Fusarium. Plant only into fertile well-drained loams, sandy loams and muck soils which are free of perennial weeds. It may provide a cost savings to other irrigated crops. when transplants are grown. In June and July side-dress the emerged spears with 10 kg/ha (4 kg/acre) applications of nitrogen. Thirty to 40 acres of asparagus are required to justify most harvesting Major cash expenses for establishment include costs for asparagus crowns or transplants Grasshoppers:  Several species of grasshoppers may become pests occasionally, especially in late 1.5 to 2.75 kg/ha (0.6 to 1.1 kg/acre), 18.75 to 27.92 L/ha (7.59 to 11.30 L/acre), Apply in 100 to 200 L/ha (40 to 80 L/acre) of water at 206 to 300 kPa. the base of the spear. crowns or transplants. About 5.5 kg of seed will be sufficient to sow a hectare of nursery (2.2 kg of seed per acre) and each kg of seed will produce 22,000 usable crowns. Sunday is for very warm, humid and cloudy weather with a high probability of rain This allows *PHI = Pre-harvest interval Do not apply more than two times per season. Apply up to 120 kg/ha (48 kg/acre) nitrogen yearly unless soil analysis suggests differently. effective when other food is limited, so check for cutworms and apply bait to the Management. Use sufficient water to wet the soil around the base of each plant. them to scar and turn brown. Do not apply to soils with more than 10% organic matter. with Cercospora blight disease. Do not handle more than 50 kg a.i. a flashlight. plantings or for faster establishment of larger acreages. supply, drip irrigation will provide water to acreages nearly twice as large as sprinkler Tobacco streak virus causes stunting and small spears. in early April in rows 2 1/2 to 3 feet apart.

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